college sports betting in NJ

  • NJ sportsbooks could have in-state college wagers added to their menu in 2022.
  • SCR 133 has passed in the Senate but needs to pass in the General Assembly to be put on the November 2021 ballot.
  • If it passes and receives a majority vote in November, New Jerseyans could bet on college home teams by March Madness.

TRENTON, N.J. – The Senate within the New Jersey Legislature passed a sports betting bill on Thursday by a vote of 36 YEAS and 1 NAY. The legislation on the table would call for a public vote, as is a rule of the NJ Constitution when gambling is involved.

Constituents are required to vote on whether or not the industry should allow in-state college sporting event wagers at local sportsbooks.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 133 wants to get the topic of in-state college betting on the November 2021 ballot for residents. Should the bill pass in the General Assembly and receive a majority vote by the public, gamblers could begin wagering on their alma mater’s games beginning in 2022.

What’s On The Docket For New Jersey Sports Betting

New Jersey sports betting has been a powerhouse since opening the market in 2018. They’ve managed to do unprecedented amounts of business that has set records for gambling on sports nationwide.

Yet, even in doing so, they still haven’t allowed sports bettors in the state the pleasure of wagering on hometown college teams. This is something that is holding back an already booming market from reaching new heights, as there are a number of Rutgers and Seton Hall fans that take their wagers elsewhere.

A regulated sports gaming industry for the Garden State that had sportsbooks with in-state college wagers would be one that could shatter its own records.

Currently, mobile sportsbooks and neighboring states are getting all of the NJ college fan wagers. But should this bill pass in the General Assembly before November, that could all change by 2022.

The Outlook For The Measure

With all of the betting on NJ colleges that happens outside of state sportsbooks, there is no doubt that residents would see a majority vote in favor of this addition.

The legislative session for New Jersey goes through the end of the year, but seeing as the Senate has already passed SCR 133, it shouldn’t take that long for the General Assembly to put it to a vote. In fact, New Jerseyans’ should expect to see the constitutional amendment on their November 2021 ballots.

With any luck, sports bettors will be able to wager on their home teams for March Madness come 2022 using local sportsbooks and keeping the money bet in New Jersey.

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