Doug Jones

  • Doug Jones, Sally Yates, and Lisa Monaco have +200 favored odds to be the next Attorney General.
  • Jones and Joe Biden are longtime friends, leading to speculation that he will be selected.
  • Xavier Becerra has +600 long odds to be selected as Biden’s Attorney General.

WASHINGTON – The election season continues and sports bettors are taking action on who Joe Biden will select as his Attorney General.

With Biden’s long-standing relationship with former Alabama Senator Doug Jones, many sports bettors are leaning on the decorated attorney to claim the position.

Sports bettors are also taking action on Sally Yates and Lisa Monaco as well, showing that election bettors are split on who Biden will choose.

Attorney General Favorites

There is a lot of action being placed at legal sports betting sites on who Biden will select on his cabinet. Sports bettors are split on the selection for Attorney General.

Next Attorney General

  • Doug Jones +200
  • Sally Yates +200
  • Lisa Monaco +200
  • Deval Patrick +600
  • Xavier Becerra +600
  • Tom Perez +700
  • Julian Castro +700
  • Merrick Garland +700

Doug Jones having short odds is no surprise. Although he lost his reelection in the Alabama Senate, he still has strong ties to Washington and a long-standing relationship with Biden. Jones made a name for himself prosecuting KKK members who were involved in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing of 1963.

With Biden’s push for criminal justice reform, and his campaign being backed heavily by Civil Rights organizations like Black Lives Matter, a selection like Jones would fit into Biden’s agenda.

Sally Yates and Lisa Monaco having short odds as well also fit into Biden’s agenda. The President-Elect has made an effort into pushing women forward in the white house, even selecting Kamala Harris as his VP.

During the Obama administration, Monaco held key national security posts. The former Homeland Security Adviser has a long-standing relationship with Biden, which is why news of Biden considering her for Attorney General is not surprising.

Sally Yates was appointed Deputy Attorney General under the Obama Administration and served as acting US Attorney General. She is also notable for being fired by President Donald Trump. Biden selecting Yates could also be another jab at his rival Trump.

Underdog Selections

Longshot bettors should also look at possible choices like Xavier Becerra at +600, and Tom Perez at +700. Biden has not indicated who he will select as of yet, therefore it is quite possible for anyone to be chosen.

Tom Perez has been the Chair of the Democratic National Committee for over three years, and in that time, has gained major favor from the Democratic Party. If Biden wanted to make a safe move, Perez would be an ideal candidate.

Becerra is the current California Attorney General and is also loved within the Democratic Party. Becerra being of Latin American descent also fits Biden’s agenda. The Biden Administration has made it clear their want to appoint minorities and people of color into high positions.

While no definitive statement has been made by the Biden Administration hinting as to whom his selection will be, Biden did state he wished to make his decisions for treasury before or after Thanksgiving. This means that he will soon be looking to announce his Attorney General.

Sports bettors will want to get in on the action soon before the odds shift as Biden gets closer to making his choice.

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