Joe Biden is favored to show up to all three Presidential Debates despite rumors.

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden has been in his makeshift bunker basement for quite some time now due to the Coronavirus Pandemic so will he be able to show up to all three U.S. Presidential Debates?
  • Sportsbooks have listed a prop bet favoring Biden (-550) to attend the three debates set to occur before Election Day while him being a no show to at least one of the debates has odds of (+325).

CLEVELAND – The first U.S. Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden is set to take place on September 29, but will Biden be participating in all three debates that have been scheduled leading up to Election Day?

A political prop bet listed on online sportsbooks asks bettors whether or not Biden will be seen at all three debates.

The obvious favored answer for the wager is “Yes” with odds of (-550) while “No” has odds of (+325). It’s hard to believe that this would even be a question as it’s crunch time for candidates to make their final impressions on voters prior to Election Day on Tuesday, November 3.

But is there a valid reason to believe Biden would skip a debate?

Reasons Behind The Current Bet On Biden

There is much to be said about the events leading up to the prop bet listed for Biden in the first U.S. Presidential Debate. Three reasons are given as to why Biden would be a no-show to all three scheduled events.

Within the next month, the John Durham investigation will have ended and the results of the investigation will be made public. If it shows that Biden or his team had any hand in spying on Trump, that will come as a major blow to his reputation and could lead to him not participating in all three of the debates.

Another issue that might stand in the way is a vaccine for COVID-19.

The virus has been a huge topic of conversation for the Presidential campaign and is even on the list of subjects to be discussed during the first debate.

However, Biden has maintained that Trump has not been effective in how he’s handled the pandemic. But if a vaccine were to be introduced before Election Day while Trump is still in office, that would mean that Biden was incorrect about Trump on the topic of the Coronavirus which could be seen poorly in the eyes of voters.

The final reason for Biden to not appear at all three debates is the fact that he’s been holed up in his basement for quite some time because of COVID-19.

It is rumored that he may continue to stay there for at least one debate. It’s been reported that he’s jokingly suggested that a debate should be held in his basement. Even so, sportsbooks still have him favored to show up and face off against Trump at all three of the debates.

The Bet Is On

Even with all of the reasons why Biden wouldn’t attend each of the scheduled debates and the rumors swirling around about his mental state, he and his campaign team know that it’s a must to show up on that stage if he wants a real shot at the Presidency.

Political bettors can wager on whether or not they believe he will be in attendance for all three debates on various sportsbooks. The first U.S. Presidential Debate will take place in Cleveland on September 29 and can be viewed on all major local networks.

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