Security measures for Super Bowl 55 have begun and are tighter than ever.

  • There will only be 22,000 fans allowed to enter Raymond James Stadium for Super Bowl 55.
  • Domestic violent extremism is one of the top concerns for law enforcement and those in charge of Super Bowl 55 security.
  • Raymond James Stadium will be a no-drone zone during Super Bowl 55.

TAMPA, Fla. – The Super Bowl is annually one of the biggest events of the year, drawing in thousands of fans to the host city. With the influx of more people comes the need for greater security and law enforcement.

Though, despite only 22,000 fans being allowed to enter Raymond James Stadium for Super Bowl 55, security is tighter now than ever.

The Super Bowl has been classified as a “Special Event Assessment Rating 1”, which means that federal aid will be sent for the safety of those attending. However, there will be fewer designated security personal than at the presidential inauguration.

The Department of Homeland Security will be sending more than 500 people to help secure Super Bowl 55 along with FBI personnel and members of the Tampa police department. The increase in security this year is partly sparked by the riots that occurred on Capital Hill just weeks ago.

“At this time, one particular area of concern is domestic violent extremism,” said David Pekoske, Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary.

Some of the measures that officials have taken in anticipation of the event include creating a large fine for anyone who flies a drone during and around the Super Bowl.

Tampa Police have also noted code enforcers will also be present in local bars and restaurants to prevent any human trafficking from occurring.

One of the noticeable measures that Tampa residents has seen is a helicopter flying low over the city. This is part of an effort to take out any sort of radiological threat.

“We’re constantly looking at threats around the country and not just what happened in D.C. on January 6th but around the world and see where things have been successful,” said Scott McAllister with the Department of Homeland Security. “And we compare that to our plan and see what adjustments we need to do.”

So far, there has been nothing found to alarm those planning to attend the Super Bowl. Those who were hoping to partake in festivities and engage in legal sports betting in Tampa among other activities are safe to do so.

“There are no credible threats to the Super Bowl or any related activity at this moment. We will continue to evaluate intelligence and share information we received from around the world with our law-enforcement partners,” said McAllister.

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