Make your bets on which company will air their Super Bowl commercial first.

  • With Super Bowl 54 incoming, odds for Super Bowl 54 ads have sports bettors wagering.
  • Prop bets are out pinning rival companies against one another.
  • The theme of these prop bets is which company’s commercial will air first.

MIAMI – Super Bowl LIV is coming and soon we will get to see which company brings it in the great commercial battle.

Commercials are a staple to the Super Bowl and is the time of year when companies bring out their best commercials in front of over 100 million fans. Companies use the Super Bowl to unveil new products or to generate excitement for existing products.

With this comes prop bets for sports bettors to participate in heading into the big game. These bets are pinning some rival companies against one another to see who’s commercial will air first. While some of these businesses compete in the same industry, some just compete among other industry giants.

Company Vs. Company

For Super Bowl 54, these commercials will be looking to leave an impression on the 100 million-plus fans who will be tuned in.

Many fans may get distracted depending on where they’re watching the Super Bowl, but most will be tuned in during the beginning of the game. That’s why the first commercial’s to air are so important, and why companies are willing to pay so much to land that spot.

This year is looking to host a large variety of commercials. Historically, the Super Bowl airs between 80 and 100 commercials with commercials airing for about 20 seconds taking up roughly 51 minutes of air time.

What Are the Super Bowl Ad Props

One prop bet sees rival automotive companies, Audi and Porsche, going head to head. The prop bet asks which commercial will air first with Porsche as the favorite at -130 odds to Audi’s -110 odds.


Another prop bet has condiment company Heinz facing off against snack company Cheetos. Currently, Cheetos are the underdog at +130 odds while Heinz is the heavy favorite at -170 odds to air first. Heinz has been running Super Bowl promotions for weeks, so they are looking to capitalize on the event.


In another snack-based match up, Pop-Tarts faces Doritos. Current odds have Pop-Tarts at +170 to air first while Doritos is the runaway favorites at -250. Doritos commercials have become a staple for Super Bowl viewers over the past decade-plus, so it makes sense why they are favored.

Pop Tarts

One stand out prop bet sees an automobile company vs. a soda brand as Toyota and Mountain Dew match up. Current odds have them both at -120. Trends for these commercials are a bit murky which may explain why the odds are so tight in this matchup.


These are only a few of the online sportsbooks that are featuring Super Bowl 54 betting lines. Other businesses that have confirmed their placement in the Super Bowl also have odds featured on those sites. They odds close at kickoff, even though the ads will appear shortly after.

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