Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham

  • Sports bettors are taking heavy action on “Over 149.5 million voters” at -225 odds for voting in the general election.
  • “Yes” is favored at -240 odds for winner of the popular vote wins the electoral college.
  • Sports bettors are betting against Donald Trump winning every state he won in 2016.

WASHINGTONThe general election is just days away from reaching its conclusion and sports bettors are taking action on the potential final betting lines for the big election.

The odds have been greatly affected by real-world events in the past week including the final Presidential Debate.

In addition to the Presidential Election, there are also betting odds for the Senate Elections as well. Popular names such as Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are up for reelection so bettors are keeping a close on their odds and more.

With the November 3 Election Day approaching fast, now is the best time to get in on Presidential Election odds.

Final Presidential Debate: Surprisingly Civil

The second and final Presidential Debate surely affected the betting lines for both President Donald Trump and former VP Joe Biden.

The two candidates managed to impact voters, with several hot takes coming from both ends. Biden made a bold claim to slowly move away from oil and Trump proclaimed a vaccine would be available by years end for the coronavirus.

Many viewers of the debate made their proclamations as to who won the debate with many online polls leaning in favor of President Trump. Still, the betting odds and multiple sportsbooks have Biden as the favorite following the debate.

Bovada – Presidential Betting Odds

  • Joe Biden -180
  • Donald Trump +135

BetOnline – Presidential Betting Odds

  • Joe Biden -200
  • Donald Trump +175

MyBookie – Presidential Betting Odds

  • Donald Trump +120
  • Joe Biden -160

Unlike the first debate, both candidates managed to let one another speak (possibly due to mics being muted) which led to a more balanced debate. Following the debate, many watchers voted as to whom they trusted in key aspects of the country.

When polled, 56% of voters believe Trump would be better at handling the economy over Biden (44%). To handle the coronavirus pandemic, 57% trust Biden over Trump 41%. And to better solve the countries problems, 54% of voters left the debate trusting Biden as opposed to Trump’s 42%.

Election Day Now One Week Away: Final Prop Bets

With the November 3 Election Day just around the corner, it is a good time to look at the final set of election prop bets. Post-debate betting lines show that voter turnout is favored to be high in the upcoming election.

Voter Turnout in the U.S Presidential Election

  • Over 149.5 million voters -225
  • Under 149.5 million voters +160

Voter Turnout in the U.S. Presidential Election

  • Over 60.5 % -150
  • Under 60.5 % +110

There has already been more early voters than in 2016 in this election. With 58.6 million ballots already cast, it is no surprise that sports bettors expect the number of election voters to hit the over in both categories.

Some of the other final prop bets include that of Trump’s chances to repeat his performance of 2016. Trump not only has the longshot odds to win the election, but the President is also favored to lose every state he lost in 2016 and is not favored to win every state he won in 2016.

Will Trump Lose Every State He Lost In 2016

  • Yes -220
  • No +180

Will Trump Lose Every State He Lost In 2016

  • No -550
  • Yes +325

In many states currently, Biden and President Trump are neck and neck. This is specifically interesting in states like Georgia and Texas who have historically voted Red in almost every Presidential Election.

Current Presidential Poll By Key States:

  • Texas: Trump 47.6%-47.5% (Trump +0.1)
  • Georgia: Biden 47.6%-47.2% (Biden +0.4)
  • Iowa: Biden 47.5%-46.3% (Biden +1.2)
  • Ohio: Trump 47.9%-46.5% (Trump +1.4)
  • Florida: Biden 49.1%-46.6% (Biden +2.5)
  • North Carolina: Biden 49.2%-46.6% (Biden +2.6)
  • Arizona: Biden 48.7%-46% (Biden +2.7)
  • Pennsylvania: Biden 50.4%-44.7% (Biden +5.7)
  • Nevada: Biden 50.2%-43.6% (Biden +6.2)
  • Wisconsin: Biden 50.8%-44.1% (Biden +6.7)
  • Michigan: Biden 50.5%-43% (Biden +7.5)
  • Minnesota: Biden 50.6%-42.7% (Biden +7.9)

When it comes to the electoral college, sports bettors are betting that the winner of the Electoral College will also have the Popular Vote this election. In the last election, President Trump won despite Hilary Clinton winning the Popular vote.

Winner Of Popular Vote Wins Electoral College Odds

  • Yes -240
  • No +190

Senate Elections Are Also On The Ballot

The Presidential Election is not the only political odds that sports bettors are wagering on. Several Senate and House seats are also up for election.

The major one would be Kentucky, where Mitch McConnell will be defending his seat against Amy McGrath come Election Day. McConnell is heavily favored to remain.

Kentucky Senate Race Winner Odds

  • Mitch McConnell -1300
  • Amy McGrath +625

While Kentucky is a major attraction for sports bettors since McConnell is a major player in Trump’s administration, the Senate seats that should be looked at are the ones likely to flip according to CNN.

Arizona, Colorado, and Alabama all could possibly go either way with the current state of affairs.

Alabama Senate Race Winner Odds

  • Tommy Tuberville -1000
  • Doug Jones +550

Arizona Senate Race Winner Odds

  • Mark Kelly -450
  • Martha McSally +275

Colorado Senate Race Winner Odds

  • John Hickenlooper -850
  • Cory Gardner +450

Currently, the house is run by the Democratic Party while the Senate is held by the Republican party. Early polls show, however, that Democrats have an 80% chance of winning the Senate, possibly holding between 48 and 55 seats.

Sports bettors are also taking action in favor of the Democratic Party controlling the majority of the Senate.

Majority Control of the U.S. Senate Odds

  • DEM Senators in 117th Congress -155
  • REP Senators in 117th Congress +115

Political bettors are also betting in favor of over 209.5 House seats being won by the Democrats heading into Election Day.

House Seats Won by Democrats Odds

  • Over 209.5 Seats -2000
  • Under 209.5 Seats +900

The Election is incoming and legal sports betting sites are hosting all the best odds for the big day. This is the best time for political bettors to get in on the action as these odds are changing day by day.

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