Biden and Trump debate

  • Joe Biden is favored greatly at -180, -200, and -160 at many online sportsbooks.
  • President Donald Trump’s odds shortened after the debate.
  • According to Twitter polls conducted by LegalSportsBetting, many potential voters think Donald Trump won the last debate.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.The final Presidential Debate has affected the betting lines at online sportsbooks. Although political bettors are still leaning towards former VP Joe Biden as the favorite, President Donald Trump’s odds have shortened.

Many sports bettors online think that Trump’s performance in the debate was superior to Biden’s, which may have affected the betting lines.

With the Election being just weeks away, now is the best time to look at the betting odds as there will likely be no more events that could greatly affect the 2020 Presidential Election like the final debate.

Election Odds Shift

While Joe Biden remains the heavy favorite at multiple sportsbooks, it is interesting to note that sports bettors online believe the night was a win for Donald Trump.

LegalSportsBetting conducted Twitter polls from multiple news outlets and Donald Trump was voted as the victor of the night, claiming a large percentage of votes in the polls.

Who Won The Debate Twitter Poll Results:

  • BBC News:Trump 70.8, Biden 29.2 (421 votes)
  • ABC News: Trump 77.3, Biden 22.7 (401 votes)
  • CNN: Trump 67.7, Biden 32.3 (362 votes)
  • New York Times: Trump 73.2, Biden 26.8 (328 votes)
  • MLB Network: Trump 80.4, Biden 19.6 (301 votes)
  • Sean Hannity: Trump 80.1, Biden 19.9 (286 votes)
  • CBS News: Trump 72.7, Biden 27.3 (278 votes)
  • NBC News: Trump 80.7, Biden 19.3 (228 votes)
  • MSNBC: Trump 77.8, Biden 22.2 (180 votes)

These results are also evident in the betting odds, where President Trump has managed to slightly close the gap between him and his rival Joe Biden.

Presidential Betting Odds


  • Joe Biden -180
  • Donald Trump +135


  • Joe Biden -200
  • Donald Trump +175


  • Donald Trump +120
  • Joe Biden -160

Prior to the debate, president Trump’s betting odds at Bovada was +155 to Biden’s -180. Now sitting at +135, Trump’s shifting odds can be attributed to his handling of the debate.

President Donald Trump managed to win over many potential voters by criticizing and examining Joe Biden’s 47 years as a career politician and eight of those years being spent in the White House.

Trump even went as far as to say the sole reason he ran for president was because of how bad of a job Joe Biden and President Barack Obama did.

“I ran because of you, Joe,” said Donald Trump. “I ran because of you. It’s all talk, no action with these politicians.”

While the Twitter polls and betting odds do reflect a shift in voters’ attention towards President Donald Trump, it is also important to note that Biden is ahead in many national polls, and is still the favorite.

With the different betting odds, however, this is the best time to shop the lines to find the best possible return on a bet.

If bettors are putting action on Biden winning the election, they may be tempted to lean towards betting at MyBookie. The -160 odds are the longest and thus the larger payout on a win. For President Trump, the best odds would be the +175 at BetOnline. The longer the odds the more return on a potential win.

With the November 3rd Election Day incoming, now is the best time to place a bet at legal sports betting sites.

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