Better Collective says that the U.S. sports betting market will surpass Europe's market

  • Chairman of Better Collective Jens Bager predicts the United States sports betting market will eclipse Europe’s in the near future.
  • Better Collective is a developer of digital platforms for bookmakers, and iGaming communities.
  • The United States gambling market has seen exponential growth since the repeal of PASPA in 2018.

LAS VEGAS — The American sports betting market has yet to plateau in growth since the Supreme Court repealed the PASPA Act in 2018 which placed the states in charge of how they would regulate sports betting.

Better Collective, a company that is one of the leading developers of digital platforms for sportsbooks, and iGaming communities has been slowly positioning itself to be a strong player in the growing United States sports betting market.

Chairman of the Board for Better Collective, Jens Bager, predicted that the US sport betting market may surpass the European market in “five to ten years” according to the companies annual report.

Bager also told shareholders in the company’s latest annual report that, “Better Collective has been on a continuous growth journey and the macro trends in the iGaming market support further growth in the coming years.” He added, “The US market remains one of the future key drivers although regulation processes have shown to be a bit more time-consuming than expected at first.”

The leading digital platform developer has seen its revenue grown the past three years even after acquiring some smaller tech companies in the United States along the way.

If any company could indicate where the American sports betting market is heading it would be Better Collective who are seemingly aiming to become one of the largest sports betting developers in North America.

As more and more states begin to legalize sports betting, expect Better Collective to have a major role in the US sports betting world as the company will be one of the first to reap the benefits of the emerging market.

The American market has the potential to become the Mecca of sports betting and if all 50 states were to allow sports betting the United States would set records for generated sports betting revenue.

While it is unlikely that all 50 will, 21 states have already legalized sports betting and more are expected to join the fray this year and even in 2021.

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