Washington DC Sports Betting

  • D.C. sportsbooks bring in $142,279 in revenue for July.
  • That is a near 300% increase in revenue compared to June.
  • All of the sports betting revenue came from online sportsbooks.

WASHINGTONWashington D.C. sportsbooks have accumulated $142,279 in sports betting revenue during the month of July.

Washington D.C. sports betting has been on a slow rise but revenue reports show that there is a growing interest in sports betting.

An Increase In Interest

The D.C. revenue report shows that since the launch of D.C. sports betting, there have been consistently more people betting on sports in the area. D.C. sports betting first launched in late May. During the last four days of the month, bettors wagered about $10,000.

During June, that naturally increased to $223,730.09 in total bets wagered. For July, that further increased to $741,499.63 in total sports bets made by bettors in the area.

As time continues to move forward, more people in the area will discover that legal sports betting has become available. That fact alone will help drive bettors to the sportsbooks available in the D.C. area.

A Limit On D.C. Sports Betting

There are a few factors that could end up decreasing how much D.C. could make off of sports betting. First of all, there are not that many sportsbooks available. Mobile sports betting has strict limits on who can provide sports betting inside the borders of the district. Intralot is the main provider for mobile sports betting in the nation’s capital.

Although there can be other retail sportsbooks and betting apps available, mobile wagering throughout D.C. can only be provided by Intralot.

There is also the fact that there is only one retail sportsbook open right now. That sportsbook is located in Capital One Arena. There are limits to how many people can visit the sportsbook at any given time due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

With all the strict limitations on sports betting for Washington D.C., it is difficult to tell if sports betting revenue will reach its full potential. There are simply too many limitations that prevent bettors from freely wagering on games.

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