• There are currently only three active sportsbooks in West Virginia.
  • IMG Arena US, Novamatic Gaming Solutions, and Wordplay Gaming Solutions were all approved to be West Virginia sports wagering suppliers.
  • West Virginia sports betting laws allow for a single casino to have up to three management service providers inside their facility.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Casinos in West Virginia may do something that has yet to be seen in casinos in other states: have multiple sportsbooks co-existing in the same venue.

On Wednesday, at the West Virginia Lottery Commission meeting, members spoke about this possibility while approving licenses for multiple sports wagering suppliers.

According to the current West Virginia sports betting laws, each casino can partner with up to three management service providers which would allow them to offer up to three different sportsbooks within their establishment.

W.V. Lottery Director John Myers further explained how the addition of sportsbook brands could benefit both the casinos and the sports bettors in the state to W.V. Metro News.

“If you go on an app for FanDuel or an app for DraftKings or an app for William Hill you don’t see the same thing. Some people like certain things better so it gives them an opportunity,” said Myers. “You can have DraftKings, William Hill and FanDuel all at on casino if they want to work together.”

So far, none of the five casinos in West Virginia have applied for multiple management service provider licenses but the lottery commission is currently laying down the foundation to allow them to do so.

Revenue reports for West Virginia sportsbooks were also released at the Wednesday meeting.

Interestingly enough, even with two of the state’s casinos having suspended sports betting operations indefinitely, retail sportsbooks accounted for 55.3% of the state’s total handle for the previous month.

There are also two sports betting apps in West Virginia, FanDuel and DraftKings, which can be accessed from anywhere in the state. Yet, even with these options, sports bettors in the Mountaineer State are putting over half their money inside brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.

While the implementation of multiple sports betting brands may seem like a good idea for casinos to add, it may not be for the sports wagering brands themselves.

The retail sportsbook Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races alone was able to bring in $14.6 million of the $37 million dollars bet on sports in West Virginia last month. It seems unlikely that their partner DraftKings would want to share that space.

However, with licenses running through the casinos and the state, the casinos may have more leverage in those negotiations.

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