Amy Klobuchar drooping out has opened the door for Bernie Sanders.

  • Bernie Sanders is the current favorite to win the delegates from Minnesota at the primary.
  • Joe Biden has the second-best odds to win, but are still long odds compared to Sanders.
  • Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race and endorsed Biden, appearing to be an attempt to sway voters in her home state.

SAINT PAUL, Minn.Betting odds for the Minnesota primary heat up as Super Tuesday unfolds. Senator Bernie Sanders as the shortest odds to take the 75 delegates offered by the Twin City State.

With an endorsement from Amy Klobuchar who is a native of Minnesota, Joe Biden hopes to swing the primary in his favor.

Biden will have a lot of ground to cover as prior to Klobuchar dropping out of the presidential race, Sanders was a close second for Minnesota. Sanders is now the clear favorite according to both sportsbooks and the polls.

Minnesota On The Line

The Democratic race for the presidential election is starting to narrow down to two possible candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. As both candidates attempt to gain footing over the other, the Minnesota Primary is a way to gain some much-needed delegates.

Sanders is the far favorite with the shortest odds in the Minnesota primary and has successfully managed to hold the lead despite Biden’s endorsement from Klobuchar.

Minnesota Democratic Primary Winner:

  • Bernie Sanders -425
  • Elizabeth Warren +300
  • Joe Biden +800
  • Michael Bloomberg +10000

Despite the timing of her endorsement drawing criticism of an attempt to undermine Sanders, Klobuchar maintains that her reasoning for endorsing Biden was because she felt he was the best person for the job of beating Donald Trump.

“We made the decision instead of a personal victory for ourselves, or a personal quest that this was about our country, and we need to beat Donald Trump and have someone with experience that can get things done in the White House,” said Klobuchar.

Sanders does only have a narrow lead over Biden overall, after the former Vice President’s big win in South Carolina. Super Tuesday is sure to be a major factor for the remainder of the election.

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