Verizon is partnering up with MGM Resorts to help bring Yahoo Sportsbook to five new states.

  • Yahoo Sportsbook launched in New Jersey in November.
  • A partnership with MGM Resorts could allow Yahoo to expand its betting operations.
  • The expansion could be delayed due to the 2020 elections.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.Verizon announced on Wednesday that the company plans on expanding its sports betting ventures to five more states.

The cell phone giant Verizon owns Yahoo and all its properties. In November, Verizon launched the Yahoo Sportsbook in New Jersey. Yahoo was able to implement a sportsbook into the app in November thanks to the help of MGM Resorts.

The Yahoo Sportsbook has seen success in the New Jersey sports betting market and now Verizon is aiming to expand to five more states.

Just like in New Jersey, the Yahoo Sportsbook will become available on the Yahoo Sports app. The company will implement the same strategy and work with MGM Resorts to operate in five new states. Verizon heads say that expanding their sports betting network is essential to its success.

“It’s an important priority for us, and a huge bet for us,” said Guru Gowrappan, Verizon media executive officer to Bloomberg.

A Reason To Delay Expansion

Verizon owns many subsidiaries and ventures, especially when coupled with all that Yahoo owns as well. Although the parent company wants to expand its sports betting ventures, the expansion could end up being delayed.

One of the reasons for that is the 2020 presidential elections. Yahoo has its own site that gives voters information about the upcoming elections. Since votes for the Democratic primary will begin in February, Yahoo and Verizon will prioritize maintaining this site.

As it is an election year, sports bettors are looking for election odds that they can wager on. Although sports betting is legal in multiple states now, none will offer odds on the presidential elections.

There are rules and laws that prevent sportsbooks around the country from taking bets on the election. The reason could be that they want people to vote for a candidate, not for who they think will win them the most money. Although Yahoo has its own election site and sportsbook, it is unlikely that the company will offer election odds anytime soon.

Either way, the Yahoo Sportsbook is expected to make its home to five new states sometime in 2020 but it is currently unknown where the Yahoo Sportsbook will expand. The sportsbook could appear in states that are already established or a state that plans on legalizing this year.

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