Last updated on: June 28th, 2022

Legal Online Rugby Sportsbooks

Betting on rugby can be a pretty interesting gamble. The game itself is like American football and soccer came together to form one super sport. Contact between players can be brutal and fans can witness some pretty gnarly injuries. The ball that is used can be carried, passed between teammates, or kicked by the athletes in order to score a goal beyond the opponent’s goal line on the field. They can also score by kicking the ball between posts the way a field goal is made in football. The game is very popular in Europe and New Zealand but is gaining popularity in the United States.

Along with watching the matches, the next best thing is being able to gamble on your favorite teams. There are plenty of different wagers that are seen in rugby and this page will go over many of them. Joining sports betting sites based in other countries is legal for residents of the U.S. and they list a number of rugby bets for fans of the game. Along with betting types, the legalities of wagering on rugby as well as how to fund sportsbooks will be mentioned. Top sportsbooks open to bettors in the U.S. can also be found on this page. Everything a gambler needs to know about legal sports betting on rugby will be found here.

Betting On Rugby

Is It Legal To Bet On Rugby?

USA Players AllowedBetting on rugby is 100% legal for U.S. residents to do. There are numerous bets listed on internet sports betting platforms for sports bettors to gamble on. These sportsbooks are located in other countries outside of the U.S. where they are licensed and regulated to do business. This allows them to offer their services to the people of the United States. There are no laws stating that these sites cannot be used by American gamblers, making it completely legal to bet on rugby with the use of these sportsbooks. Even if people live in states with sports betting, residents can use either their state’s sportsbooks or one of the ones we recommend as both are legal outlets to wager on the game of rugby.

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What Bets Can You Make On Rugby?

Rugby has a ton of bets exclusive to the game. Rugby betting is sometimes referred to as “markets” rather than bets or wagers. The three most widely chosen bets to make on the game are the “1X2” bet, the “double result” bet and the “win margin” bet. These wagers are very similar to the kinds placed on American football using the best online sportsbooks.

The 1X2 Bet

The most popular bet in rugby is known as the “1X2”. The name makes it seem difficult to understand but really it’s placing a bet on which team will win the game so it’s the moneyline bet for rugby. The 1 is the home team the X is a Draw and the 2 is the away team. The bettor chooses any one of the three parts of the bet name that they believe will be the result of the match. An example of a 1X2 bet for a rugby match can be seen like this on a sportsbook:

  • (1) Manchester (-300)
  • (X) Draw (+475)
  • (2) England (+280)

A bettor chooses which one the outcome will be, very much like a moneyline in other sports bets.

The Double Result Bet

The “double result” bet is a bet that gives gamblers two choices for an outcome. For an indecisive gambler, this wager is quite popular because odds seem more clear for some reason as a whole. The payouts are slightly higher because the odds are slightly more of a risk but bettors tend to walk away with some sort of extra winning in their pocket if they choose the result. The idea of winning any kind of money, no matter how small is what makes this bet an attractive one for those betting on rugby match ups. An example of a double result bet that a gambler would see listed by a sportsbook would be something like this:

  • First Half – Manchester (-500)
  • Game Result – Manchester (-210)

If a bettor chooses to gamble on the game result they could win more than betting on the first half. They can pick one or both parts of the wager when gambling.

The Win Margin Bet

The “win margin” bet is a bet on the result that bookmakers make in increments of five points. This is basically the “spread” type bet for the game of rugby. With 5 point increments, the game has to cover somewhere in the bracket of the wager a bettor has chosen to take. The higher the point bracket, the riskier the bet making for the higher the payout. This wager is popular because people enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with needing a team to score a certain amount of points to win money on a bet they’ve made. An example of a win margin bet can be seen below.

Sportsbooks may have them set up by money wagered rather than typical odds.

England – Head to Head (money wagered) – $1.60 Points Bracket – 1-39 points Win Margin (payout) – $2.25 Points Bracket – Over 40 Win Margin (payout) – $6.25

Other Types Of Rugby Bets

The “handicap” bet is one where the bookie gives a higher advantage of points to the underdog or has the favored team have a negative starting point. The favored team is the one that receives the “handicap.” The “team to win both halves” wager is a bet that allows gamblers to choose which team will be winning at the half as well as what team will win in the end. This wager can be a very profitable one if the bettor chooses correctly for both parts.

The “half with most tries” bet is a wager where the gambler bets on which half of the game will see the most tries and “tries” in rugby are scores. The team to score “the first/last try” bet is self-explanatory. The sports bettor will gamble on which team will score first and which will score last. Rugby is full of these types of bets. There is no shortage of wagers on this game however, these are the most popular bets seen in rugby.

Current Rugby Odds

There are currently tons of different betting odds for both the Rugby League and Rugby Union in 2022. Aside from the game lines for both leagues, there are futures odds for both of their championships. For the Rugby Union, their championships are called the United Rugby Championship. In Rugby League, you can find odds for the National Rugby League Championship.

Rugby Union – United Rugby Championship 2022-2023

  • Leinster -185
  • Munster +750
  • Sharks +1000
  • Stormers +1000
  • Ulster Rugby +1000
  • Bulls +1200

Rugby League Odds

  • Penrith Panthers +150
  • Melbourne Storm +225
  • North Queensland Cowboys +1000
  • Parramatta Eels +1000
  • Cronulla Sharks +1200
  • Sydney Roosters +1400

Methods To Deposit and Withdrawal Money For Rugby Betting

bitcoinEach sportsbook that can be found online or in your state will offer different ways of funding your account. However, all sports betting platforms accept these three types of sportsbook deposit methods. These methods are cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and debit or credit cards. Outside of these forms of payment, prepaid cards, bank wire transfers, PayPal, and money orders are commonly seen as acceptable deposit options. The most popular forms of deposit are the three widely accepted ones, Bitcoin, debit, and credit cards because they are easily accessible as everyone has at least one of them and all sportsbooks accept them.

After you win betting on rugby the next thing you’ll want to know is how to collect your winnings. When it comes to payout methods, the options are a bit different than what a business will accept for deposits. The most common payout method is Bitcoin or cryptocurrency because it is the fastest way to get your money as well as having the highest maximum payout and no transfer fees. Other methods include checks and bank wire transfers. Before choosing the right method for you, it is best to check the sportsbook’s cashiers’ page to see each form of withdrawal method, their processing times, minimums and maximums, and transaction fees. Upon finding out all of this information, you can then choose the payout that is best for you when collecting your rugby bet winnings.

The Difference Between The Rugby League And The Rugby Union

Rugby UnionThe game of rugby has two types also known as codes; the Rugby League and the Rugby Union. To the naked eye, these two are very similar as the main sport is rugby but there are enough subtle differences to be able to tell them apart. The Rugby League plays with 13 players and allows for 10 substitutes on the bench per game. The League’s main purpose is to score tries which are worth 4 points. Goals are worth 2 points and field goals are one point scores. The League also has a limit to the number of tackles that can be done during a match. If one team reaches that limit, the other team automatically receives possession of the ball. Should the ball go out of bounds, the other team is awarded the ball by what they call a scrum for which six players can be used to make the play.

In the Rugby Union, they play with 15 players and allow 7 substitute players on the bench that can be used during the match. Tries are not the main purpose for scoring and often athletes will score by kicking the ball through the goalposts. There are no scrums for out of bounds balls and no particular team is given the ball should it go out of bounds either. Instead, the clock restarts to make up for that lost time. Tackles are limitless and the ball can be recovered by either team when possession is lost. Scrums are used when fouls occur during the game and they consist of 8 players. Points in the Rugby Union are set with a try being worth 5 points, penalty kicks are worth 3 points, and conversion kicks are 2 points each. There are no “goals” in the Union like there are in the League.