Mike Holgrem

  • Will President Donald Trump tweet about former NFL coach Mike Holmgren after he publicly called out the President and his lack of action against the Coronavirus Pandemic?
  • Sportsbooks have listed a wager for members to take part in asking that very question with the favorable answer (-200) being that Trump will respond to the comments.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Mike Holmgren, former Green Bay Packers head coach, has spoken out against President Donald Trump amid the COVID-19 crisis. Sportsbooks have taken notice and posted wagers on whether or not Trump will respond to these comments with one of his infamous tweets.

Holmgren has jumped on the Biden-Harris bandwagon for the 2020 Presidential Election, publicly endorsing the duo. His reason for getting involved in politics is due to the current state of the country as he’s never previously endorsed any political campaign in the past.

“I’ve never done this before—talked to anybody prior to a campaign. This election is different,” said Holmgren. “It’s really different than any other election in my lifetime.”

What Was Said About Trump

From 1992-1998, Holmgren was the head coach for Green Bay. He led the Packers to a Super Bowl victory in 1997 with a win over the New England Patriots, with a final score of 35-21.

His comments toward President Trump center around how the Coronavirus Pandemic has deeply affected the community of Green Bay by not allowing for Packers fans in the stands, and the state of Wisconsin as a whole.

“Today’s announcement makes one thing very clear—President Trump’s failure to mount a forceful response to the coronavirus pandemic has had profound consequences for Green Bay’s economy,” said Holmgren in a statement issued through the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidential campaign.


“Small businesses in the community are paying dearly. We are now months into the crisis, cases are surging and President Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get the virus under control. It didn’t have to be this bad. It didn’t have to be this bad—it really didn’t. And now, we find out, he knew all along—the president knew how bad it was, and kept it from the American people.”

Wisconsin has reported close to 145,000 cases of the Coronavirus statewide since the start of the pandemic. Green Bay makes up for about 11,000 of those cases and has had 69 deaths recorded from COVID-19 thus far.

With having to close off Packers games or allow for limited capacities in other stadiums, the virus has hit Wisconsin in a big way because the Green Bay Packers are a huge part of their economy and its revenue. The city of Green Bay takes in roughly $15 million for each game that they host while the state receives $160 million from the games.

The Wager On The Table

Online Sportsbooks are now asking if Trump will allow Holmgren to make those comments and not respond to them. MyBookie asks members “Will Trump Mention Mike Holmgren In A Tweet Before November 3?” The favored answer is “YES” (-200) while “NO” is at (+160).

It’s very unlikely that Trump will not hit back at such comments as they sound very much like more of the “Collusion Delusion” accusations he rambled on about in previous tweets for months. Sports bettors can get in on this action while Holmgren continues his quest to help Biden win the Presidency.

“Joe Biden has a real plan to beat this pandemic, invest in the working class, and help Wisconsin’s economy recover,” said Holmgren. “Joe will always level with the American people — he’s a man of integrity, and now more than ever, we need him in the White House.”

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