Americans spend billions every year on the Super Bowl.

  • Super Bowl Sunday has Americans spending billions of dollars each year.
  • The money is mainly spent on throwing great parties for the big event.
  • Food, beverage, and companies selling electronics benefit the most from Super Bowl weekend.

MIAMI – The Super Bowl in America is a market that casts a wide net of profits by a variety of businesses having anything to do with the game viewing experience.

From electronic purchases to food to merchandise that will ultimately make a Super Bowl party a success; all of these companies selling these products are expected to see a hefty profit. With SB54 right around the corner, just how much money will the nation be spending on the biggest day for the NFL?

What’s Being Spent For the Super Bowl?

The average American will spend $81 on Super Bowl Sunday. Younger football fans averaged about $123.26 in money spent on an individual basis for the game. This includes those hosting parties. Hosts will spend anywhere from $81-$123 per guest. NFL fans with 30 guests could wind up with a bill total of $3690 on the high end all because of the event.

SB53 totaled $14.8 billion dollars spent by fans on all things relating to having the best Super Bowl Sunday party. The number has fluctuated through the years but the last five Championship games have shown a balance between $14 and $15 billion being spent.

Food and beverage are staples for any event, especially when it comes to the last matchup of the NFL season.

Judging by last year’s numbers, Beer sales go beyond the billion-dollar mark for the weekend, with domestic beers selling the most. With handheld foods being the best option for parties, pizza businesses peak in sales with over 12 million pizzas being sold on game day. And, no football party is complete without chicken wings. Over a billion chicken wings are bought and eaten during the game.

Cheese sales go up due to the number of dips, cheeseburgers, and chili cheese dogs that are eaten that day. Over 88 million pounds of cheese is expected to be obtained by consumers. And what’s a party without the holy grail known as guac? Over $58 million is spent on avocados for the Super Bowl.

With food and beverages covered, televisions are the next biggest expenditure. Amazon was selling Samsung televisions for almost half off because of the game. Some party hosts will be in the market for new TV sets and the tech companies were hoping to capitalize on the event with their current sales. A few sets were marked down by as much as $2000.

These expenditures are all just for material goods. The amount of money being bet on the Super Bowl is estimated at $6.8 billion and will likely climb higher once the game begins and live bets are placed.

Who Benefits Most From Super Bowl Consumerism?

Many of the businesses running advertisements in the Super Bowl are the same ones profiting from an increased sense of consumerism in the country.

For example, Anheuser-Busch, the parent company that owns Budweiser, Bud Light, along with several other domestic beer brands will likely account for most of the sales of domestic beers on Super Bowl Sunday. As mentioned before, those total sales dollars for domestic beers are estimated to reach over a billion dollars.

While Super Bowl commercials are costing companies over $5 million for a mere 30-second slot, companies such as Anheuser-Busch are easily making this money back ten-fold on Super Bowl Sunday alone.

This essentially creates a cycle wherein large companies are spending major dollars to waive their products in front of the eyes of Americans, and Americans are waiving their wallets right back.

The increase in sales among multiple industries can be seen as a positive, as the U.S. economy surely benefits from people spending. However, shopping for local goods at local businesses helps more immediate economies grow.

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