The Republican National Convention could be moved to Florida

  • Coronavirus pandemic threatens to put a halt to the Republican National Convention.
  • President Donald Trump is making threats to move RNC out of Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Florida has the shortest odds (+150) of hosting the RNC in August.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Online sportsbooks are currently giving Florida the shortest odds to host the Republican National Convention (RNC) in August.

It is an election year and voters will decide on who will be the next president of the United States. Due to him being president already, President Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican party.

The RNC And The Coronavirus

The RNC was supposed to take place in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, it is becoming increasingly likely that Charlotte will not host the RNC this time.

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown plans made for 2020 in chaos. Sports leagues have shut down and many other conventions around the globe have to be rescheduled or just canceled.

This includes the RNC.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has made it clear that he will prioritize the health and safety of the people over hosting the RNC.

He did not say that he wanted to cancel the RNC, but that the coronavirus is forcing his hand. However, President Trump wants the RNC to happen, with full attendance. To do so, he has threatened to move the RNC to another state.

Ever since then, governors and state officials around the country are trying to lure the RNC away from North Carolina.

The number of states trying to do so has created election odds on which state will end up hosting the RNC.

Location of 2020 Republican National Convention

  • Florida +150
  • Georgia +250
  • Texas +400
  • Nevada +500
  • Arizona +700
  • Ohio +700
  • Indiana +1000
  • Michigan +1200
  • Minnesota +1200
  • Pennsylvania +1500

Florida has the shortest odds so far to be the new location of the RNC. Republican leaders in Florida are bidding as hard as they can to make Florida the home of the RNC in 2020.

“Florida is definitely rolling out the red carpet,” said Joe Gruters, the state’s Republican chairman. “I hope we get the opportunity because we’re chomping at the bit.”

Although North Carolina is not on the odds boards, it is not official yet that the RNC will be moving.

It is entirely possible that the RNC could stay in Charlotte.

After all, it would take months of preparation to move the RNC to another state. It will likely be harder to move the RNC away from Charlotte rather than just leave it there.

Nevertheless, Trump wants an RNC filled with people, so it is increasingly likely that the RNC will move.

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