The Marquee Sports Network will be airing the sports betting show “Follow The Money.”

  • The state of Illinois will be getting a new home for the Chicago Cubs broadcasts in the Marquee Sports Network.
  • Due to the legalization of sports betting in Illinois, the channel will be airing a popular show about wagering on sports, “Follow The Money.”
  • The broadcasting of the show is a choice the network made to gain viewership by capitalizing on the soon to be launched IL legal sports betting industry.

CHICAGO – Popular sports betting show “Follow The Money” has found it’s way to the Marquee Sports Network.

The network is slated to take the airwaves on February 22 and will become the official network for the Chicago Cubs. Vegas Stats & Information (VSiN) is the station that produces the sports betting show.

The Marquee Sports Network

The Marquee Sports Network is a channel born from the partnership with the Sinclair Broadcast Group and the Chicago Cubs. The Spring training schedule begins on February 22 for the team which is the same day the channel debuts. This is set to be a big change for Cubs fans as for the last 70 years the games have been broadcast with WGN-TV.

“We’re going to tap into and drive home awareness of all the brand benefits using imagery and emotion and what fans go through when they’re watching nine innings of Cubs baseball,” said Amy McDevitt, the VP of marketing for Marquee.

With legal sports betting in Illinois on the horizon, the network has brought the daily betting show to their channel. Launching of platforms to bet on games should occur at some point this year for the Prairie State with the first sportsbooks aiming for a launch date in March.

“That’s our toe in the water in the gaming space, but I would expect more to come from us,” said Mike McCarthy, general manager of the network.

The programming chief Mike Santini is happy with the latest addition to the schedule for the channel as well.

“We’re excited to give Cubs fans more content than they’ve had maybe ever,” Santini said. “The team’s been fantastic and we’re looking forward to being able to do some really special things with players to get to know them on and off the field.”

The Show

The sports betting program “Follow The Money,” is hosted by Mitch Moss and Pauly Howard. Mitch Moss worked for ESPN Radio before moving over to VSiN where he gets to talk about his two loves; sports and gambling.

“I first recall being around gambling when I was an extremely young kid. Everybody had these tickets with two numbers on them around bowl time. I was also in elementary or middle school when my older brother was running the March Madness pool contest. I thought it was great because his high school principal was involved,” said Moss.

His partner on the show Pauly Howard has worked with him in Las Vegas since their ESPN Radio days. They have a rapport that has made them a package deal. Howard doesn’t play favorites when it comes to teams. He was asked who his favorite team was and he answered, “Whoever I bet on.” Spoken like a true sports bettor, wagering with the stats and not emotional ties.

“Follow The Money” is a daily show that airs live from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. PT. The show discusses the current happenings in sports and how to gamble on them with a bit of pop culture entertainment spread throughout for the enjoyment of viewers.

Cubs fans will now be able to learn more about team statistics and their opponents through the watching of this program. They will get a chance to become more knowledgeable on the lines and wagers for the MLB games that they will legally be allowed to bet on.

The addition of “Follow The Money” to the Marquee Network was a smart move for a new channel trying to get off the ground at the same time that Illinois sports betting is about to launch.

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