Super Tuesday part two is coming up on March 10.

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden is on a hot streak as Super Tuesday looks to be in his favor.
  • Biden and Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders will each be vying for the spot in six different states to win the Democratic Primary and move on to the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • The biggest state, Michigan, a swing state is favoring Biden by almost 7%.

DETROITSuper Tuesday part two or Super TWOsday has Joe Biden as the heavy favorite over Bernie Sanders in multiple states. Biden is slated to be the favorite to sweep the Democratic Primary nomination odds for six out of six states in the second and smaller edition of Super Tuesday.

The two-man race to the ballot has come down to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Former Vice President Joe Biden based on the present numbers. This Tuesday should have a large effect on their presidential candidacy odds.

The Six States On Super Tuesday And Where They Stand

The campaign trail for both candidates have put their focus on six states gearing up to place their votes; Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington. All six are in favor of Biden according to sportsbooks and the data received from the campaign.

“Right now Joe Biden is in the catbird seat, period,” GOP strategist Evan Siegfried to the NY Post. “He is ahead of where Hillary Clinton was after Super Tuesday in 2016 — and at this point in 2016, Hillary was 6 points up.”

Out of the six states, Michigan is the biggest win for either candidate as it’s a swing state. Polls are showing that Biden has a hold on Michigan by 6.7%. Both men will tirelessly speak to Michigan in order to get their vote. Sanders recently canceled his Mississippi speech after learning that Biden would ultimately win the state.

Sanders did not even try to fight the win as he said that Biden has the southern black voters on his side. He has decided instead to put all his efforts into winning over Michigan.

Biden has raised $22 million in funds and has put $12 million of that into marketing to the six states as well as Florida, Illinois, and Ohio, who will all be voting on March 17. With his initial Super Tuesday performance, Biden is hoping for a knockout punch come this week.

Sportsbook Odds For Super Tuesday

Online sportsbooks project former Vice President Joe Biden to have a sweeping performance and winning each of the six states. If he can pull Michigan, he would definitely have more ground to stand on come time for someone’s name to be put on the ballot for the 2020 Presidential Election.


  • Joe Biden – (-290)
  • Bernie Sanders – (+210)


  • Joe Biden – (-3000)
  • Bernie Sanders – (+900)


  • Joe Biden – (-10000)
  • Bernie Sanders – (+1400)


  • Joe Biden – (-6000)
  • Bernie Sanders – (+1200)

North Dakota

  • Joe Biden – (-400)
  • Bernie Sanders – (+275)


  • Joe Biden – (-220)
  • Bernie Sanders – (+165)

If Sanders loses in all six states, he may consider dropping out of the running as so many other candidates have before him. Either way, it looks like this Tuesday will be Biden’s for the taking. Sportsbooks are definitely Team Biden for upcoming wagers this week.

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