President Trump and the First Lady attend the college football championship. Prop bets on POTUS attending SB54 are posted at online sportsbooks.

  • President Donald Trump is at +450 odds that he will attend Super Bowl 54.
  • No sitting president has ever attended a Super Bowl.
  • Trump plans to air a commercial during the Super Bowl.

MIAMISuper Bowl 54 is just around the corner, and come February 2 at 6 p.m. EST, certain sports bettors will not have their eyes on the teams playing but rather on Donald Trump. Yes, the POTUS is making major strides in the betting world with a slew of prop bets surrounding the 45th president.

One such prop bet is whether or not President Trump will even attend the big game. No sitting president has ever attended a Super Bowl, and according to oddsmakers, this does not plan to change.

Trump is currently listed at +450 odds to attend the Super Bowl against -850 odds that he will not attend.

The only US president to attend a Super Bowl was George HW Bush during Super Bowl 51, 25 years after he left office.

Odds For The POTUS

President Trump has been fairly active in attending sporting events recently, however, as he attended a World Series game in Washington, DC, a UFC fight in New York, and just recently traveled to New Orleans to watch LSU become College Football Playoff champions.

Despite his recent travels, the POTUS is not expected to be at Super Bowl 54 as him attending is the clear underdog.

Another prop bet surrounding President Trump is the over-under on how much he will tweet. President Trump is well known for his Twitter fingers and yet the Over for 13.5 tweets is a +135 underdog while the under is a -175 favorite.

Trump Odds To Tweet

Interestingly enough, Trump has not tweeted much during the Super Bowl in recent years. Last year’s Super Bowl saw Trump tweet just three times that Sunday. Bettors will have to wait until the big day to see how active The Donald is on Twitter.

Commercial Opportunities

Super Bowl 54 is also big for President Trump as he plans to kick off his 2020 campaign with a major Super Bowl ad.

It’s been reported that the POTUS has spent over $10 million to on a 60-second Super Bowl ad in response to Democratic Primary Candidate Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg has also taken out an ad in this year’s Super Bowl.

For this particular betting line, bettors are asked which face Super Bowl viewers will see first, Trump’s or Bloomberg’s?

Trump vs Bloomberg Odds

Both men are running in the 2020 Presidential Election and while appearing first in the Super Bowl might be a plus for them, finishing first in the polls is likely what they are more concerned with.

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