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  • Maine has tabled their sports betting legislation talks until January 2022, leaving no hope for NFL betting through local sportsbooks in 2021 for residents.
  • The Massachusetts House has passed House Bill 3977 to regulate mobile and land-based sportsbooks in the Commonwealth.
  • Arizona will finalize its sports gaming rules and regulations on Friday to launch sportsbooks on September 9.

BOSTON – States across the U.S. are trying as hard as possible to regulate some type of sports wagering market in order to launch for NFL betting. The 2021-2022 NFL season begins on September 9 and a number of states would like to get in on as much NFL wagering as possible, even if only to get in on the Super Bowl in 2022.

Sadly, Maine will not see any regulated sports betting in 2021 as lawmakers have tabled discussions until January 2022. However, if they were to move fast enough, they could go live for the Super Bowl but that’s wishful thinking. Historically, Maine moves as slow as governmentally possible when it comes to the topic of sports gaming.

The Massachusetts House passed House Bill 3977, a sports betting bill to regulate sportsbooks in the Commonwealth on Thursday. The legislation will now go before the Senate for approval.

The Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) will finalize rules and regulations for their sports wagering market on Friday. The Grand Canyon State is on pace to launch their sportsbooks on September 9, to align with the beginning of the NFL season.

Florida and Connecticut should go live with their sportsbooks by the end of 2021.

Maine Is Mainly Out For Regulated Sports Gaming In 2021

Maine was set to move ahead with sports gaming legislation that would have regulated a market in the state in 2021 but lawmakers needed a few more steps to take place in the process that did not occur. Due to this sad truth, sportsbooks and the conversation surrounding them will take place in January 2022. This is not an unusual thing for Maine as a similar situation happened in 2019 where Governor Janet Mills would ultimately veto the industry’s bill in 2020. Hopefully, 2022 sees a better outcome than that of 2020.

Massachusetts Wants Sportsbooks For The Super Bowl

The Massachusetts House was able to pass House Bill 3977 in four days. Advocates for sports gaming are hoping that the Senate will act just as fast on the matter for the Bay State to be able to get in as much NFL betting as possible. The revenue and profits that NFL wagers bring to any sportsbook make other sports pale in comparison, which is why lawmakers are making this matter so pressing. The current measure would regulate land-based and mobile sportsbooks.

Arizona Sports Betting Coming For NFL Season

The Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) was able to hold true to their word thus far as they are expected to roll out sportsbooks on September 9 for the NFL season opening day. The ADG put out what looks to be their final set of rules and regulations for sports gaming with the intention to make them permanent during a meeting that will be held on Friday. Eight sportsbooks including DraftKings and FanDuel have already committed to partnerships to go live with operations for sports betting in the state on time.

In Other Sports Wagering News

Tons of Olympic sports betting has been seen at sportsbooks worldwide this week. This is expected to continue through August. Gymnast Simone Biles just dropped out of the events for Team USA’s Women’s Gymnastics which should shake up the odds quite a bit in those categories as Biles was favored to take the gold in almost everything.

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