Kim Jong-un

  • Many have speculated that Kim Jong-un is in critical condition, and if he dies, North Korea will see its first new leader in almost a decade.
  • North Korea’s line of succession isn’t publicly known, but Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong seems to be the consensus betting favorite.
  • Betting lines on succession include a number of interesting possibilities, but the successor will almost certainly be a member of the Kim family.
  • It wouldn’t be surprising to see North Korea go in an unexpected direction with succession.

PYONGYANG, North KoreaNorth Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has now been conspicuously absent from public life for several weeks and reports on his condition have run the gamut of possible outcomes, but the distinct possibility exists that Kim will soon pass away and be succeeded as ruler of his country.

Some sources have indicated that Kim recently underwent heart surgery and is experiencing life-threatening complications from it, although South Korean officials have denied this speculation.

In the event that Kim does pass away, it will create a sizable power vacuum, as the North Korean line of succession is not clear.

Reliable information remains elusive, but legal sports betting sites have begun offering betting odds on Kim’s replacement.

Bovada – Who Will Replace Kim Jung Un As Supreme Leader Of North Korea?

  • Kim Yo-Jong (Sister) -125
  • Kim Pyong-il (Uncle) +150
  • Choe Ryong-hae (Party Elder) +800
  • Pak Pong-ju (Party Elder) +800
  • Kim Jong-chul (Older Brother) +1500
  • Any One Of Kim Jung-un’s Offspring +3300
  • Kim Kyong-hui (Aunt) +3300

BetOnline – North Korea next leader

  • Kim Yo-jong (Sister) +150
  • Kim Jong-chul (Older Brother) +250
  • Choe Ryong-hae (Party Elder) +300
  • Pak Pong-ju (Party Elder) +400
  • Kim Pyong-il (Uncle) +500
  • Kim Su-gil (Close Advisor) +500
  • Kim Il-sung (Deceased Former Supreme Leader) +5000
  • Ri Sol-ju (Wife) +8000
  • Dennis Rodman (Friend and Former NBA Player) +10000

Kim Yo-Jong currently serves as North Korea’s First Deputy Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department. She appears to be the consensus political betting favorite and U.S. Intelligence has begun gathering information on her.

Best Bets For Who Will Replace Kim Jong-un

Regardless of which candidate you want to bet on to succeed the Supreme Leader, it is important to shop lines and look for the best possible payout on your bet.

On paper, it would seem logical that one of Kim Jong-un’s three children would succeed him, but the oldest of them is reported to be 10 years old. Kim Jong-Chul would also be a logical successor as an elder son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, but he lives a quiet life uninvolved in politics.

Unfortunately, nobody knows much about the North Korean line of succession. The country is immensely secretive and treats nearly all information about its government as a threat to national security.

The successor will almost certainly be a member of the Kim family, however, so the North Korea’s party elders — Choe Ryong-hae and Pak Pong-Ju — likely don’t have a viable path.

Kim Yo-jong seems to be the favorite to succeed her brother. She has been actively involved in politics since 2012 and has headed North Korea’s propaganda department since 2015.

She and Kim Jong-un reportedly had a close relationship growing up in isolation together, so she seems to be a logical choice as a trusted, experienced successor.

While Kim Pyong-il, the only surviving son of revered former leader Kim Il-sung, has bloodlines that would likely engender him to the North Korean people, he has spent nearly all of the last 40 years outside the country.

Kim Su-gil could be an interesting choice, having served for years as one of Kim Jong-un’s most trusted advisors. He is not a member of the family, but he does carry the same name.

But with everything about this situation shrouded in mystery, there is no way to be certain where any of these potential candidates actually stand in the line of succession.

Kim Jong-un was once the youngest son of his predecessor and a heavy underdog himself, so don’t be surprised if succession goes in an unexpected direction.

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