NFL Playoffs

  • The Las Vegas Raiders moneyline is +190, but the Cincinnati Bengals have +200 odds to lose in the first round.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have -395 moneyline odds but the Eagles are -420 favorites to be eliminated in the first round.

LAS VEGAS – There are odds available on NFL betting sites that allow bettors to get extra value on the same wager.

The Las Vegas Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals game will be one of the most bet on games in the opening round as it’s projected to be one of the closer contests.

Some legal sports gambling sites, such as Bovada, have released odds on when each team will be eliminated from the playoffs and some of the odds contradict other betting lines.

Betting Odds For Raiders To Win

  • Actual Moneyline +190
  • Bengals To Be Eliminated In Wild Card +200

As can be seen, it would make more sense for bettors to bet on the Bengals to be eliminated in the first round than it would be to bet on the Raiders moneyline despite it being the same bet.

There is also a discrepancy on the other side of the game.

Betting Odds For Bengals To Win

  • Original Moneyline -230
  • Raiders To Be Eliminated In Wild Card -240

Although this is once again the same bet, bettors would be better off taking the original moneyline for Cincinnati than betting on Las Vegas’ stage of elimination odds.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles Value

Despite NFL betting sites having the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as one of the biggest favorites of the weekend, there are still ways to find value in the Philadelphia Eagles moneyline odds.

Betting Odds For Eagles To Win

  • AcMotual neyline +300
  • Buccaneers To Be Eliminated In Wild Card +310

It’s never necessarily a smart idea to bet against the NFL playoff’s winningest player, so those who want to take the Bucs to move on should also be careful on which bets they are placing their money on.

Betting Odds For Buccaneers To Win

  • Actual Moneyline -395
  • Eagles To Be Eliminated In Wild Card -420

These odds show more of a difference than any other bet in the field, showing that betting on the Eagles stage of elimination odds is among the worst bets to make, while betting on Tampa Bay’s moneyline brings a lot of value.

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