Last updated on: June 28th, 2022

Barstool at Ameristar Casino “Sportsbook” Review – Black Hawk, Colorado

The Ameristar Casino is home to one of the best sportsbooks in Colorado, the Barstool sportsbook. Featuring real time rewards through their mycash partnership as an offering, plus other great promotions like their 2-1 new players bonus. Barstool sportsbook brings a massive selection of betting lines, betting odds, and sports to wager on, making it a must-try for sports betting fans in the area.

Alongside the sports wagering opportunities, the Ameristar Casino is also packed with literally thousands of other delightful gambling options for its customers. This comes in the form of 1,250 slot gaming machines such as slots and video poker, 40 table games for a classic casino experience, and even a live poker room as well.

Between its gorgeous skylight ceilings and massive fireplaces, Ameristar is one of the most comfortable and fun casinos in Colorado. Not to mention one of the biggest as well.

Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook

When Did Barstool at Ameristar Casino Launch?

Following Colorado’s legalization on sports betting in May 2020, Ameristar launched their official retail sportsbook via Barstool roughly a month and a half later on July 21. The mobile Barstool sportsbook app then followed up shortly after, going live on August 9.

Where Is Barstool at Ameristar Casino Located?

The Barstool sportsbook is located on the second floor of the Ameristar Casino, where patrons can easily access all of the various sports wagering related offerings. Customers can look forward to a fully realizes sports betting experience, complete with betting windows, kiosks, and of course, the mobile Barstool sports betting app.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At Barstool at Ameristar Casino?

Any guests entering the Ameristar Casino must be at least 21 years old or older, and the same is true of placing bets with the Barstool sportsbook. Regardless of where or how you bet, the legal age requirement is the same, 21+. This even counts for observing gambling of any kind occurring according to Colorado law.

Does Barstool at Ameristar Casino Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

Customers of the Ameristar who wager with the Barstool sportsbook can count on a fully fleshed-out top-of-the-line sports betting experience. Thanks not only to the eclectic availability of options, but also the bettor-centric experience that Barstool is known for. With a plentiful selection of betting lines, odds, and sports to wager on, customers of Barstool will not be found wanting.

Mobile Wagering At Barstool at Ameristar Casino

Since Barstool Sportsbook is the retail sports betting operator for Ameristar Casino, customers can obviously count on the Barstool Sportsbook mobile sports betting app for the same consistent quality service.

Live Betting At Barstool at Ameristar Casino

Being one of the most popular regulated sportsbooks in the US, Barstool of course offers its customers access to a refined live betting set-up. With an eclectic array of sports to wager on, sports betting fans can utilize Barstool’s various betting methods such as their kiosks at Ameristar to place exciting in-the-moment sports bets on the latest game.

What Are The Best Deals/Promotions At Barstool at Ameristar Casino

Barstool is loaded with all kinds of inciting promotions and bonuses for it’s members, and they change frequently enough to keep it interesting. Everything from apparel giveaways to cash prizes are available for users to win. These opportunities change often however, keeping things fresh for frequent players. In addition to this, there are several sign-up bonuses for new members, offering great rewards for those just getting started.

Parlay Betting At Barstool Sportsbook

When it comes to parlay betting, Barstool has options to wager on parlays that have already been created, parlays that the bettors create themselves, and parlay plus’s, which allow uses of the sportsbook to combine legs from the same game, for one parlay.