Last updated on: March 4th, 2024

Echeck Sports Betting Sites

Getting started with e-check sports betting sites is not as difficult as you might think. Online sportsbooks are constantly adding deposit options for their customers to take advantage of. One of the most requested deposit and withdrawal methods that people like to take advantage of is e-checks. The reason for this is simple, you can deposit large amounts of cash almost instantly. People like using it because of the speed at which it operates and the deposit range is rather generous.

If you are looking into legal sports betting sites and using e-checks, you have come to the right place. We will discuss the overall legality of using e-checks on your favorite online offshore sportsbooks, how they work, what kind of wagers you can make, and much more. By the end of this page, you will be ready to start betting on your favorite teams.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

Use eCheck to Wager On Sports

MyBookie is one of the only online sportsbooks accepting eCheck as a form of payment and it is easy to place bets with them as well. Just like any other sportsbook deposit method at MyBookie, you’ll go to the cashiers tab on their site, select echeck and the amount that you want to deposit. They also have the ability to pay you out with eCheck as well.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Good Parlay Payouts
  • AcceptS Lots of Cryptos
  • Easy to Read Screen
  • Alternate NFL totals
  • Player comparison props


Are Echeck Sportsbooks Legal?

Yes, e-check sportsbooks are completely legal. The offshore sportsbooks that we have recommended to you all over this site have been legal for a decade or more and will continue to be in the future. Many states have begun to regulate sports betting themselves now, but that still leaves much of the country with only offshore books to wager on. Additionally, even in the states with legal sports betting, offshore books often have better odds.

How ECheck Sports Betting Sites Work

It is rather simple using an echeck sports betting site. If you want to deposit using an e-check, the first thing you have to do is hit the deposit button or the cashier button. Then you need to select your deposit method, which is e-check in this case. The website will walk you through the process of what you need to do to deposit an e-check. You will need your bank account number and your routing number to deposit using e-checks. Echecks are essentially direct deposits so if you see direct deposits but not e-checks, it is the same thing. Once you follow all the prompts, you will easily be able to deposit echecks into the online sportsbooks of your choice.

ECheck Sportsbook Deposits/Withdrawals

Making a deposit with an Echeck is simple and quick, however, there is a process to depositing and withdrawing with limits, fees, and processing times which we’ll have laid out for you below.

ECheck Sportsbook Deposit Process

Sportsbooks Min. Deposit Max. Deposit
MyBookie $50 $750

ECheck Sportsbook Withdrawal Process

Sportsbooks Min. Withdrawal Max. Withdrawal Fee Processing Time
MyBookie $50 $750 $5-$15 10-15 Business Days

Ways To Wager At E-Check Sportsbooks

Betting on sports when using an e-check is exactly the same as if you were using any other sportsbook deposit method. This means echeck betting players can bet on any sports. It doesn’t matter what method you use to deposit. If your online betting site offers a sport to wager on, it will allow you to bet on it.

Bonuses At E-Check Sportsbooks

One of the best benefits of using an echeck sportsbook is their bonuses. Using an e-check to make your deposit will welcomes you with an echeck first deposit bonus. Read the terms and conditions across varying sports betting promotions and bonuses. Some eheck betting bonuses may be more valuable for what you are trying to do.

Live Betting At E-Check Sports Betting Sites

Live betting has become one of the best ways to bet on sports online. When using an e-check betting site, live betting on sports offers lines from any point in the game. Make sure your deposit is in well ahead of your game’s choosing. As live betting on sports is an instant market, getting your echeck money online could take some time.

Bovada Sports Betting

E-Check Sports Betting Sites FAQs

Is It Safe To Use E-Checks To Fund My Online Sportsbook Account?

Yes. Despite having your banking information present online, reputable sports betting sites must follow rigorous standards when it comes to account privacy. None of the information is sold to a third-party, and your banking information is immediately stored with high-bit encryption behind it. In short, you should have no issues, as long as you are using one of our recommended sports betting sites that have proven to be reliable and trustworthy.

What Is The Most I Can Withdraw From A Sports Betting Site Using E-Checks?

he largest echeck withdrawal limit at legal sportsbooks will vary. Including fees, you’ll find some of the largest transfer methods through echecks. Check with your sportsbook’s banker to see their echeck sportsbook limits.

Do E-Check Sports Betting Sites Charge Any Fees To Use E-Checks?

Yes. All sports betting deposit methods (sans cryptocurrency) come with a small fee. While this may deter you from using this method, understand that they must pay people to process your deposit. This is no different from a local convenience store charging you for a cashier’s check or Money Order. Regardless, check with the site you are looking to use, as each sports betting site is different.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Echeck Sports Betting Sites?

When depositing into your account with e-checks there are certain benefits that may be very important to you. Echecks are fast and trustworthy, with this method there is no middle man and your money goes from one bank to another. Because it is only going from one place to the other it is easy to find out where your money is at all times. Normally sportsbooks make the limits for e-check high which means you can bet bigger and get larger payouts.