American Gaming Association survey finds an increase in NFL betting among Americans.

  • The American Gaming Association has estimated that over $150 billion is used to wager on sports annually, predominately with the use of offshore sportsbooks.
  • According to the survey by AGA, 23% of bettors would place a $25 wager on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl this season.
  • The NFL could potentially make $2.3 billion yearly with the help of a larger legalized wagering market research finds.

BOSTON – A nationwide survey done by technology company Morning Consult, for the American Gaming Association (AGA), has concluded that bettors from the United States have a higher interest in NFL betting.

Results showed that 38.1 million American adults totaling 15% of the population have plans to wager on the game this season. This number has increased significantly due to the legalization of sports betting across the nation, according to survey findings.

Of the 11,001 people surveyed, 24% expressed an interest in participating in sports betting if their state allowed them to do so. States that have opened up their own sportsbooks has led to a rise in the number of residents interested in wagering on football. The number of bettors that will be placing wagers in person at a local sportsbook has jumped by 1.2 million from last season. Last year, 5.7 million Americans placed bets on the NFL through brick and mortar establishments.

“It is clear that as jurisdictions enact policies to provide a legal alternative to the dangerous illegal market, consumers follow suit and seek the protection they deserve,” said Bill Miller, AGA president, and CEO about the results of the survey.

A domino effect is happening when it comes to sports betting. The legalization of the pastime has led to a spike in the number of people that will be wagering on the game this season. Those that have invested their money on a match are more likely to watch the game on television, leading to an increase in network ratings for tv stations. From there, comes a jump in overall NFL sales which includes tickets and merchandise.

The NFL is one of the leading markets for all sportsbooks. According to another survey done by Eilers & Krejcik, over 93% of all gamblers wager on at least one NFL game a year. More than likely that game is the Super Bowl, but the results themselves show just how big the sport of football is when it comes to gamblers in general, not just those that wager solely on sporting competitions.

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