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  • Norway is looking to put all of its gambling laws, including the one that has sports betting odds being offered, into one big law that embodies the entire industry.
  • An opinion window will be open for three months for stakeholders in the gaming industry to offer their opinions and ideas on how to go about making this a reality for Norway.

OSLO – A consultation period that will last until September 29 will allow lawmakers and various people in the gambling businesses of Norway to give their opinion on putting all forms of legal gambling in the country under one bill.

There are currently three separate laws in Norway that cover different aspects of the industry: The 1927 Totalisator Act, the 1992 Gambling Act and the 1995 Lottery Act.

The Norwegian Ministry of Culture wants to put all of these laws together to create a more unified and concise form of legislation for the market.

Why Piece All The Laws Together?

Consolidating things is not something new in Norway or anywhere else.

In fact, it’s a popular method throughout the world in all areas where it can be done to group similar things together for the purpose of making them more effective or beneficial for people. Combining multiple legal gambling laws into one could be very advantageous to Norway in helping to reduce any suspicious or criminal activities as well as making a more profitable industry for the country as a byproduct.

Of course, before any permanent action is taken within Norway’s Stortinget there will be three months where ideas from stakeholders will be taken on how they think the new proposal should be done.

Under the current proposal by the Ministry of Culture, they would oversee the entire gambling industry in Norway, including the rules for each sector of gambling.

However, the Lotteritilsynet would still be the assigned regulator. They would be responsible for reporting illegal internet activities to the Stortinget (Norway’s legislative body.)

Gambling in Norway is something that has been done for well over a hundred years. The country has two sportsbooks for sports bettors to wager on sporting events. But their laws allow Norwegians to access mobile and internet sports betting platforms from operators across the globe.

While it is legal to use these services, foreign businesses cannot legally advertise within Norway and it would be the job of the Lotteritilsynet to report any advertisements seen by these companies within the country.

What’s Next?

The consolidating of gambling laws in Norway is something that is meant to make the market more efficient and easier to regulate as one united industry.

Profits from the market will still be put toward helping the economy in the country as they have been for years. But it is the hope that a reduction in the number of agencies overseeing multiple parts of gaming in Norway will make a more centralized strategy for legal gambling in the country.

According to the Ministry of Culture, doing this will only aid in strengthening an already strong market while offering further protections for Norwegian gamblers.

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