San Francisco 49ers Field Goal

  • Each of the four teams to kick one field goal has -115 odds.
  • Any team to convert a two-point conversion has a +125 betting line.
  • Any offensive lineman to score a touchdown is +1200.

LOS ANGELES – Bettors can find NFL Conference Championship specials with fairly good betting lines.

Some people looking to bet on the Conference Championship games may not love a side in either of the games. Luckily, legal sports betting sites are offering weekend specials that involve all four teams. One of the best options is for each team to make a field goal.

Each Team At Least 1 Successful Field Goal Odds

  • Yes -115

The four remaining teams have been seeing a lot of field goals in their games.

The San Francisco 49ers have had a combined seven field goals in their two games, the Los Angeles Rams have had eight in their two games while the Cincinnati Bengals have had an astounding 13 field goals in their two games, all including the opponent as well.

The one team who hasn’t been seeing many field goals is the Kansas City Chiefs. Their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is the only one among the remaining teams that did not feature a field goal.

For -115 odds it seems like a good bet to make regardless as the Chiefs offense is bound to slow down and start settling for some field goals sooner rather than later.

Their 42.0 points per game should be tough to keep up.

Any Team To Convert A Two-Point Conversion

There’s really no true way to handicap whether a two-point conversion will happen or not, but it obviously becomes much more likely if teams are closely contested down to the wire. Those betting on the NFL that believe close games last weekend are on the table may want to take these odds.

Any Team To Have Successful Two-Point Conversion Odds

  • Yes +125

The tougher part may not even be getting a successful attempt, but an attempt in the first place. The 49ers, Rams and Chiefs all ranked in the top 10 for two-point conversion percentage in the regular season while Cincinnati was the one team to struggle, ranking 28.

Big Man Touchdown Odds

It’s seen almost every year, teams start to empty out the playbook as there are just a few games remaining. Some will scoff at the idea of betting an offensive lineman to score a touchdown, but it’s likely more common than most think.

It happened four times in Week 16 alone this season.

Any Offensive Lineman To Have A Receiving Touchdown Odds

  • Yes +1200

The Buffalo Bills did it already this postseason when Tommy Doyle caught a one-yard touchdown, so it happening again may not be as uncommon as the odds suggest. It may not be a bet to unload the bankroll on, but one worth getting some action on just in case.

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