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  • Darts matches are now taking place in the homes of players.
  • A large number of darts matches are happening every day.

LAS VEGAS – For those who like betting on darts, the action has not stopped yet because the Unibet PDC Darts Home Tour has plenty of matches happening every day.

Thanks to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, a large number of sports leagues have canceled or delayed play. Once leagues like the NBA suspended play, many other leagues around the world began doing so too. The PDC Darts league was no exception.

However, sports leagues have become more creative on how to keep their leagues alive. The PDC Darts league has teamed up with Unibet to come up with the Unibet Home Tour.

Unibet Home Tour

The Unibet Home Tour takes place in the homes of PDC Darts league players all over the world. Darts players set up a camera in a skype call to face the darts board. Once they start streaming that, the players play darts as usual, including a commentator to help viewers understand the action.

The action throughout the home tour has been as good as ever. Upsets and more happens each day of the home tour. Of course, there are a few glitches that has happened as well. There was even a case where a thrower was interrupted due to a phone call.

This home tour is not just a one-off match either. Each day, there are at least six different darts matches happening. That gives those looking for legal sports betting plenty of action to wager on.

Best of all, nothing has changed in these darts matches so bettors who have wagered on darts before can expect the same kinds of bets again.

Darts is a unique sport in that, although it is a head to head competition, players do not actually need to interact with each other. Thanks to that, the Unibet Darts Home Tour can safely happen with very little human interaction. That keeps both the players and viewers safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

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