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  • President Joe Biden’s current approval rating is 39.6%. BetOnline’s approval rate betting option suggests that his approval rating is likely to fall.
  • The current favored betting ranges are 38.0%-38.99% and 39.00%-39.99% with +250 odds.
  • Comparing how previous President’s approval ratings at the same point in their Presidency indicates a downward trend over the next 44 days.

WASHINGTON – Online sportsbooks such as BetOnline are offering odds on Joe Biden’s approval rating on August 1st. His current approval rate is 39.6%, with betting odds indicating it is more likely to get lower than it is to improve.

Joe Biden’s Approval Rating On August 1st

  • 38.00-38.99% +250
  • 39.00-39.99% +250
  • 40.00-40.99% +350
  • Under 38% +400
  • 41.00-41.99% +800
  • 42.00-42.99% +1400
  • 43% or Higher +2500

President Biden’s Approval Rating By Month

Since February, President Biden has yet to begin a month with his approval rating greater than 41.8%. Betting odds have suggested that he is unlikely to rise above that number over the next month, as the betting favorites according to sportsbooks are for it to rest in the 38.00%-38.99% (+250) and 39.00%-39.99% (+250) ranges.

President Biden’s Approval Rating By Month

Month Approval Rating Disapproval Rating
June 1st 41.0% 53.8%
May 1st 41.8% 52.1%
April 1st 41.1% 53.1%
March 1st 41.1% 53.6%
February 1st 41.7% 53.2%

June 5th was the lowest President Biden’s approval rating has gone at 39.0%.

Comparing Previous Presidential Approval Ratings Through 525 Days

While no Presidency is the same, one interesting betting style is to gauge how past Presidents have fared publicly on their 525th day (the same number of days that President Biden has completed) versus on August 1st of that same year. Over that 44-day gap, the only President to see their approval rate rise over that span was Bill Clinton.

President Rating On Day 525 Rating On August 1st Of 2nd Year
Donald Trump 41.9% 41.4%
Barack Obama 47.1% 45.4%
George W. Bush 70.4% 64.8%
Bill Clinton 46.9% 48.0%
George H.W. Bush 69.2% 59.8%

If past history is any indication of how Presidential approval ratings fluctuate, it seems likely that betting on the favored percentage ranges of 38.00%-38.99% (+250) and 39.00%-39.99% (+250) would be the best bets for President Joe Biden’s approval rating.

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