Due to the lack of sports being played, sportsbooks are taking action on weather forecasts.

  • With no sports, sportsbooks have released betting odds for the weather.
  • They did this in an effort to lighten the mood amongst bettors.
  • There are 10 different weather bets that online sportsbook users can put money on.

CHICAGO — With all of the Major U.S. sports currently suspended due to the coronavirus, online sportsbooks have released betting odds for the weather in different U.S. cities. There are close to a dozen different cities for bettors to place their bets on.

The weather and temperature can be as unpredictable as a sports matchup, giving oddsmakers the ability to set lines that will have bettors on both sides of it.

While rooting for a thermometer may not be as exciting as a sports team, sportsbook executives believe it is a way to make quarantined life more enjoyable.

Weather Betting

Those familiar with legal sports betting lines such as total’s betting (otherwise known as betting the over/under) will be familiar with how these weather bets work. Essentially bettors will have to decide if the temperature in their city will reach Over or Under the temperature listed by the bookmaker.

Bovada, which is the online sportsbook that released the odds, mentioned that this was all done light-heartedly as they try to lighten the mood for the bettors.

“We’re trying to cope with the loss of sports—you’re probably talking about an individual loss of freedom, people are going to start feeling a little cooped up more sooner than later and if we can just have those little breaks, whether it’s betting on something silly … we’re all just trying to find different outlets to forget what’s happening,” said Pat Morrow, the head oddsmaker for Bovada.

“We’re allowing ourselves an opportunity … to not take ourselves too seriously, to try and inject some levity in there, we’re trying to put some stuff out there that’ll be a little fun. Just for our own sanity and mental health, it’s great we have that opportunity to do that and hopefully for a lot of players we can provide an outlet.”

There are a total of 10 different betting odds listed for 10 different cities that bettors can choose from. There are five for betting the highest temperature of the day and five for betting the lowest temperature of the day.

Betting the cities highest temperature include:

  • Chicago Over/Under 58 degrees
  • Jacksonville Over/Under 86 degrees
  • Phoenix Over/Under 67 degrees
  • San Antonio Over/Under 71 degrees
  • Vancouver, British Columbia Over/Under 14 degrees Celsius

Betting the cities lowest temperature include:

  • Houston Over/Under 63 degrees
  • Los Angeles Over/Under 50 degrees
  • New York Over/Under 48 degrees
  • Philadelphia Over/Under 53 degrees
  • Toronto, Canada Over/Under -2 degree Celsius
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