Eagles Hail Mary

  • The Seattle Seahawks were 6.5-point favorites on the spread coming into Monday Night Football against the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • The Eagles’ late score with 12 seconds left in the fourth quarter cut the final score to 23-17.

PHILADELPHIAMonday Night Football ended the way many thought it would, with the Seattle Seahawks winning and with Carson Wentz struggling. But, one seemingly meaningless toss to the endzone ended up costing one bettor $500,000 dollars.

Before the game began, NFL betting odds had the spread set at 6.5 in favor of the Seahawks. This meant that Seattle had to win by 7 or more points in order for a bet on them to win and payout.

The Seahawks, who dominated the Philadelphia Eagles offense almost all game, were on pace to cover that spread.

The Seahawks were up 14-6 at half time and were leading 23-9 with only 12 seconds left in the fourth quarter. However, instead of the Eagles running out the clock and calling it a day, they drew up a Hail Mary pass that has to be seen to believe.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz threw a Hail Mary to the endzone that was completed off of a tipped pass. But that wasn’t the play that gave the Eagles the back-door cover. It was the very next play where Doug Pederson elected to go for two and the Eagles converted the two-point conversion with ease.

It was that play that had one unidentified bettor lose $500,000 at BetMGM as the two-pointer pushed it to a 6-point ball game.

The Eagles went for the onside kick afterward and the Seahawks recovered. Seattle elected to knee the ball and exit the stadium victorious rather than try to score any more points.

Legal sports betting sites adjusted the odds during the game, however, the $500K bet before the game was locked in.

It proved to be one of the largest and most notable bad beats of the 2020 NFL season.

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