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  • Bovada online sportsbook has announced that they will be pulling out of the New York market.
  • New York has listed mobile betting as a potential revenue stream on their 2022 FY Budget which may have caused this move.

NEW YORK— Online New York sports bettors received some shocking news last week as Bovada has announced that they will be pulling their services from the New York market. Users of the site in the Empire state have already begun to express some frustration.

This news comes as New York legislators have listed regulated mobile betting revenue as a part of the 2022 Fiscal Year Budget which indicates that mobile betting could be making its way to the empire state very soon.

Although this has left many sports bettors in New York upset, the decision has not come without question. Fellow sports betting site, BetOnline, pulled out from their neighboring state New Jersey back in 2019 well after they had launched their in-state sports betting market. However, they re-entered the market shortly after.

Now with Bovada confirming that they are leaving the state for the second time in an email to their users, many bettors were left in question about credit in their accounts, open futures bets, and promotional offers as well. Until June 21, 2021, bettors will be able to use Bovada freely, however, all futures bets that go past that date will be voided and refunded to their New York users. Any promotional credit that bettors might have in their accounts will be converted into credit as well and inserted into their accounts.

There is also a possibility that Bovada could re-enter the New York market sometime in the future as BetOnline did, but no word has been made on the topic yet. For those Bovada users that have no interest in losing their accounts, there are still neighboring states that Bovada offers their services in such as New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Something else for New York bettors to keep in mind here is that not all of their betting needs are lost. Online sports betting will be offered by in-state sports betting sites in the near future and retail sportsbooks currently operate in upstate NY.

NY bettors are also still able to travel across state lines to use other state’s sports betting sites as well. Online sportsbooks such as BetOnline also still serve the NY market.

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