76ers vs Celtics

  • The Philadelphia 76ers have -210 odds to beat the Boston Celtics straight up.
  • The Phoenix Suns are the -225 favorites to beat the Houston Rockets.
  • Arizona Coyotes have +175 longshot odds to beat the Vegas Golden Knights.

PHILADELPHIA – Sports bettors have a slew of games to wager on today that have betting lines that would break the book and lead to major wins.

Those taking action on the NBA will find the Boston Celtics vs. the Philadelphia 76ers game and the Phoenix Suns vs. the Houston Rockets games as matchups with exploitable betting lines.

For NHL bettors, there are betting lines for the Arizona Coyotes vs. the Vegas Golden Knights game that would have legal sports bettingΒ sites paying out big.

Boston Celtics Vs. Philadelphia 76ers Odds

  • Moneyline: 76ers -210, Celtics +170
  • Spread: 76ers -5.0
  • Totals: Over/Under 220.5

Starting in the NBA, those taking action on the Celtics vs. 76ers game are leaning heavily in favor of Philly to take the win.

This is despite Boston being number one in the Eastern Conference and having a better record over the last 10 games than Philly.

In the 76ers defense, the team has struggled with COVID-19 cases which have forced them to play without key members. The team is back now with no new cases, meaning Boston will be facing a fully motivated 76ers team.

Underdog bettors may want to lean in on the longshot odds for Boston as the 76ers have not played together in several games or been able to practice due to the COVID-19 issues.

While Boston is coming off of a big 30 point loss to the NY Knicks, the Celtics may use this as added motivation to take on the rusty 76ers.

Sports bettors should take the Celtics straight Moneyline at +170. If you take the -1.5 spread, the odds are still +170 which would make taking the straight Moneyline the bettor wager. Taking the Celtics at -2.5 will see a +205 return on the wager.

For those who expect rust to take the Sixers, and are confident that the one seed Celtics will be able to bounce back from the Knicks game, leaning in on the -2.5 spread or the longshot Moneyline could be a great way to break the book.

Phoenix Suns Vs. Houston Rockets Odds

  • Moneyline: Suns -185, Rockets +140
  • Spread: Suns -2.5
  • Totals: Over 219.0, Under 220.0

Staying with NBA betting, this Western Conference matchup has sports bettors leaning heavily in favor of the Phoenix Suns.

The Suns are sitting at fourth in the West while the Rockets have the second-worst record in the entire conference.

Both teams are currently on a two-game losing streak which may see the teams come out playing with extra motivation.

For this matchup, sports bettors may want to lean in on the first quarter totals to see a profit from the betting lines.

Taking the Houston Rockets to have the lead at the end of the first quarter will see a +120 return on the wager. Should Phoenix get off to a slow start, sports bettors would break the book and collect big betting on the underdog.

If bettors want to lean in even further, take the Rockets to have the lead at the half for +140 odds. Houston is unlikely to win the game, but having an early lead is entirely possible at the end of the first half and sports bettors would be cashing in big at the bookmaker’s expense.

Arizona Coyotes Vs. Vegas Golden Knights Odds

  • Moneyline: Vegas -210, Coyotes +175
  • Spread: Vegas -1.5
  • Totals: Over/Under 5.5

Over in the NHL, sports bettors are leaning heavily in favor of the Vegas Golden Knights to protect home rink and take the win.

While longshot bettors may wash in big taking the Coyotes at +175 to win, they could find an even bigger payout should they take the 3-way Moneyline.

In the 3-way Moneyline, taking the Coyotes to win would pay out +270. The 3-way Moneyline also includes there being a draw which makes the odds for the Coyotes even longer. This is a great way to break the book and exploit the betting line for longshot bettors.

For those who are confident in the Golden Knights but want better odds, taking the +125 odds for the Knights to have the lead at the end of the 1st period is a great way to cash in. This is another 3-way Moneyline.

Three-way Moneylines have better odds than the straight bets, allowing sports bettors to cash in big taking advantage of sportsbooks.

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