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  • The Colorado Department of Revenue released a sports betting report accumulating total wagers and earnings since they launched legal sports betting three years ago.
  • The report includes the top 10 most wagered sports from May 2020 to April 2023.
  • NBA betting takes the top spot with nearly $3 billion in sports wagers received.

DENVER – A cumulative revenue report by the Colorado Department of Revenue and Division of Gaming lists the top 10 sports Colorado residents are betting on the most. Table tennis makes a surprising appearance in the top 10, with over a quarter billion dollars wagered on the sport since 2020.

Colorado Sports Betting Numbers Since 2020

Sport: Amount Wagered in $:
NBA Basketball $2,983,203,214.76
NFL Football $1,920,111,799.83
MLB Baseball $1,219,539,301.70
NCAA Basketball $792,253,640.55
Tennis $509,938,581.16
NHL Hockey $468,373,838.29
Soccer $451,884,763.56
NCAA Football $434,010,179.18
Table Tennis $255,762,465.20
Golf $145,411,609.17

The sports betting numbers released by the Colorado Department of Revenue celebrate their third year with legal sports betting. Coloradans have wagered over $12 billion dollars since their launch on May 1, 2020.

Unlike most states with legal sports betting, Colorado bettors are placing more wagers on the NBA than the NFL. Over a billion more dollars wagered on the NBA than the NFL is likely due to the success of the Denver Nuggets and struggles of the Denver Broncos.

Since Colorado sports betting launched three years ago, the Denver Nuggets have gone to the NBA Playoffs in all three seasons. The Nuggets played five NBA Playoffs games in April this year, resulting in over $136 million in NBA sports wagers.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos have a combined record of 17 wins and 33 losses since legal sports betting launched in Colorado. The vast difference in team success could explain the gap in the NFL and NBA’s sports wager numbers, but the most surprising statistic from the Colorado gaming report is table tennis.

Colorado Sports Bettors Love Table Tennis and Tennis

Table tennis ranks as the ninth most wagered sport in Colorado, receiving over $100 million dollars in bets more than golf. Coloradans fell in love with table tennis during the global pandemic, ranking in the top five most wagered sports for the first nine months after launch. This includes being the most wagered sport in May and June of 2020.

Tennis surprisingly received over $40 million dollars in sports wagers than NHL hockey despite the success of the hometown Colorado Avalanche. The Avalanche made the NHL Playoffs in all three seasons since legal sports betting launched in the Centennial State, including a Stanley Cup Championship in 2022.

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