Betting should be live by the start of March Madness.

  • Michigan sports betting was legalized in December 2019.
  • Commercial casinos are waiting for the final approval from the Michigan Gaming Control Board.
  • Casinos have been preparing for March Madness betting despite not having final approval.

DETROIT — With legal sports betting in Michigan on the horizon, casinos and sports bettors alike are hopeful that the final approval will come before March Madness begins.

Casinos have already begun planning and setting up sportsbooks for the potential madness that would come with the craziest college basketball event of the year.

Michigan Sports Betting

Sports betting in Michigan was legalized in December of 2019. The bill, HB 4916, was passed legalizing both online sports betting and retail sportsbooks.

Upon the approval, there was a 60 to 90-day period in which the rules and regulations would have to be officially approved. That is coming close to an end in regards to retail sportsbooks in Detroit. Online sports betting apps in Michigan, however, will still likely have to wait until next year.

Awaiting Approval

Both lawmakers that passed the bill and casinos are eagerly waiting on the final approval from the Michigan Gaming Control Board in order for sports betting to go public before March Madness begins.

There has yet to be an official launch date set. With that being said, one could be coming shortly as the Gaming Control Board is expected to meet on Tuesday, March 10, in Detroit to discuss that matter. March Madness is expected to bring in $10 Billion in total bets placed.

“The goal is for onsite sports betting to begin before ‘March Madness,’ said Mary Kay Bean, communications specialist for the Gaming Control Board.

Preparing For Madness

As the lawmakers and casinos await the approval, the MGM Grand in Detroit is wasting no time is preparing for what is going to be a hectic betting season of college basketball betting.

They have laid out and set up two full rows of kiosks where bettors may walk up and place their bets. The kiosks were conveniently placed outside of their recently opened Moneyline Sports Lounge.

If the Gaming Control Board indeed does give the final approval after meeting on Tuesday, bettors in Michigan would have plenty to bet on as Michigan State and the University of Michigan would both be participants in the big dance.

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