No Daily Fantasy in Louisiana

  • DFS contests will not be available in Louisiana until around the end of the 2020 NFL season due to certain steps in the process taking longer than expected.
  • The timeline that state representative Stefanski had suggested has DFS becoming legal and operating by mid-November.
  • Residents can comment on the proposed rules and regulations that have been posted by the Louisiana Register.

NEW ORLEANS – According to a timeline provided by a state representative, Louisiana will have to wait until November or December for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) after hoping to launch before the start of the 2020 NFL season.

Representative John Stefanski, the sponsor of the bill that set the DFS tax rates in Louisiana, explains that state authorities cannot proceed to go live with the different DFS contests until all the proper steps are done.

The timeline that was suggested by Stefanski has operators like FanDuel and DraftKings going live in the state by mid-November and Week 10 of the NFL season is set for November 12.

There has been one step of the process that has moved faster than expected and that is the publishing of the rule in the Louisiana Register. It was originally planned to be published in September but instead was released in August.

The Legislative Oversight Committee has 30 days to review the legal sports betting rules which moves the timeline up a month from what was initially expected.

This process has been in motion for more than two years when voters approved of legalizing DFS contests back in 2018. It was not until Stefanski passed the bill this year that restarted the process after the 2019 attempt was stalled because of a separate taxation requirement.

The final step to get DFS for bettors in Louisiana is for gaming regulators to adopt the rules. Public comments on the published rules and regulations are open until Sept 10.

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