Tackling suspicious sports betting activity

  • Integrity in sports matchups is something that is needed in order to keep the sports betting industry a fair market for gamblers.
  • EFDN and Kindred Group have recently launched a three-year online resource to combat the fixing of sports matchups called “Fair Sport 4 All”.
  • The program was created to help those involved in the sports industry aware of the signs of suspicious activity and how to keep integrity intact in all sporting events.

NEW YORK – “Fair Sport 4 All” is an initiative created by the Kindred Group and European Football Network (EFDN) to help better educate all those working within the sports industry on how to keep integrity in all sporting events.

This is crucial now more than ever as we’re at a time when legal sports betting has become such a popular pastime.

The project is an effort by both Kindred and EFDN to help stakeholders get a better understanding of issues centered around game integrity and how to deal with any behaviors that are not within the realm of what’s proper.

The program will last for a total of 36 months allowing for an endless amount of resources and training sessions via the internet on sports match up integrity and what to look out for.

The Project

The fixing of games is as old as betting on them.

Since sports betting has become more of a legal hobby globally, the “Fair Sport 4 All” program is meant to help eradicate the problem through educating those involved in the matchups.

After all, it’s not the fans that “fix” games but the players and all of those involved in the sports industry with the access to do so.

Kindred teamed up with EFDN to help get the tools to all those involved through a series of online platforms.

“Fair Sport 4 All” debuted this week and will continue to be a helpful resource for the next three years. It will offer multiple forms of education on how to spot problems and teach individuals how to report suspicious activities to the correct authorities.

“Fairness is highly valued in any sport, not just in football. Sport can be such a powerful tool in teaching life skills, promoting social cohesion and fostering values of respect and inclusion,” said Hubert Rovers, CEO of EFDN.  “However, this positive power cannot be used if the principles of sports get undermined by match-fixing. Therefore, we are joining forces with players, clubs, leagues, FAs, law enforcement agencies, sport governing bodies and other partners to protect the integrity of our sport. We are proud to launch the program together with Kindred, a competent partner with a sustainability-driven approach for sponsorships and community initiatives.”

The Goal Of The Program

Match-fixing is something that not only messes with the integrity of the sport being played but it’s a disservice to all sports bettors.

“Match-fixing is a threat to the fundamental idea of sports. Billions of people around the world enjoy participating in or consuming sport, and if the unpredictability of sports events is taken away, this fundamental idea is in severe jeopardy,” said Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Kindred Group. “Match-fixing is also a threat to the gambling industry. If people lose faith in the honesty of a sports event, they will lose faith in betting products as well. Therefore are we very excited for the Fair Sport 4 all-project where we can, together with EFDN, truly make a difference and together fight this very important battle.”

“Fair Sport 4 All” is meant to help against the battle of match-fixing through education.

Knowledge is power and this project will only make those in the sports industry more powerful when it comes to keeping the integrity in the games, especially when they are on a global scale for sports betting worldwide.

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