Chicago Sports Summit 2019 will start October 2nd at 7 AM EST.

  • Topics will include sports agent deals, the health of athletes and the sports betting industry.
  • There will be four panels with the industry’s leading experts.
  • All proceeds from the event will go to local charities for educational development.

CHICAGO – The 4th Annual Chicago Sports Summit will be held in early October. The Summit gives a chance for all those that work within the realm of the sporting business to network and discuss key topics and happenings. The Hyatt Regency Chicago will host the event which is also open to the public.
Addressing The Issues Within The Industry

One of the more pressing issues to be discussed is that of legalized sports wagering. In June, Governor J.B. Pritzer signed IL SB 690 into law legalizing sports betting in the state of Illinois. The rules and regulations that permit sports betting lounges aren’t expected to go into effect until the Super Bowl 2020.

Under IL SB 690, no collegiate teams from Illinois can be wagered on. All bets must be placed in person, there is no mobile betting allowed. All bettors must also be 21 years of age.

Another topic up for discussion at the summt is that of college athletes being paid. Currently, the Fair Pay To Play Act or CA SB-206 is making the rounds nationwide and has been receiving a lot of attention from pro athletes such as Lebron James. This act would essentially allow pay for college athletes, the way pro athletes are paid for the use of their likeness and name.

Not only would they receive compensation, but it would also be an incentive to help keep the athletes in top playing condition. Chicago held a discussion by the NFL Players Association and SportTechie this past Wednesday that brought athletes and industry experts together for the purposes of health.

“I do know teams are now taking mental health much more seriously and providing the staffing and support behind that really give those players places to go and trust is really important,” said Ben Utecht a former NFL player. “And then you go to all of the rules changes that didn’t exist while I was playing the game. I think those rules have really helped the game.”

The Summit will be held on October 2nd from 7 a.m. EST – 12 p.m. EST. The four panels will be made up of speakers such as BetChicago founder Frank Ignatius, Illinois state Senator Napolean Harris, and sports medicine professionals Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Brian Cole. The Head of Gatorade Global Marketing, Jeff Kearney, will also be present, along with former NFL player Nick Mangold and sports influencer Darren Rovell amongst others.

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