A sports bettor won $76,599 on two identical parlay bets.

  • For parlay bets to win, every single “leg” of the wager must be correct or else the entire bet loses.
  • If one bet results in a “push”, then the odds are adjusted by removing that leg from the parlay.
  • Most bettors can’t seem to correctly guess a 4-team parlay, let alone a 13-teamer.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – On Wednesday, emotions at the FanDuel Sportsbook were running high for both the sportsbook and one bettor.

According to a college football data update from FanDuel Sportsbook, one online bettor managed to win $37,381 on a $10 legal sports betting parlay. But here’s the kicker, the bettor put had put in the same $10 parlay a few moments earlier with a potential $39,218 payout.

As the bet was the same, both hit and the online customer of FanDuel turned a $20 wager into $76,599.

The bettor took the 1.5-point run line on all 13 games in the parlay, which included the Giants beating the Red Sox, as well as the Rangers, Tigers, and Marlins finding a way to cover in the closing innings of their games.

The Legs Of The Parlay

NYM -1.5
KC +1.5
MIA +1.5
LAA +1.5
SEA +1.5
TOR +1.5
DET +1.5
SF +1.5
PHI +1.5
CWS +1.5
SD +1.5
CIN +1.5
TEX +1.5

This crazy parlay had only one favorite in play, meaning the probability of this hitting was astronomically low. Still, the bettor is laughing their way to the bank with over $50,000 in instant cash.

This is the second monster parlay that FanDuel has paid out in the recent days, as another bettor turned $15 into $29,778 on a 15-team college football parlay.

With this much belief that parlays are easy to hit, expect to see many gamblers flooding FanDuel in the future weeks to attempt to hit their own jackpot.

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