Betting trends show the Rangers taking in the most handle for the NHL.

  • The New York Rangers have become a favorite for sports bets with the FanDuel Sportsbook.
  • New York has taken in the most handle at FanDuel for wagers regarding the Stanley Cup.
  • With the team is playing better than ever, this could prove to be extremely expensive for the sportsbook.

NEW YORK – FanDuel Sportsbook has found a liability in the New York Rangers betting market. The NHL team is 35-24 for the season but that doesn’t make them any less attractive for sports bettors.

After all, in the Metropolitan Division, the top spot is occupied by the Washington Capitals who are currently 39-19 for their season.

What Makes the Rangers A Problem For FanDuel?

Betting data obtained by FanDuel has shown patterns in the way gamblers are betting on the NHL. From these statistics, the New York Rangers have been placed in second place in the category of the top five teams by the number of wagers taken for them in the Stanley Cup Championship Outright Market.

Data by handle for the same category have the Rangers ranked at number one. This means that while they’re second for the number of bets they’ve received, the amount of money wagered exceeds that of any other NHL team through FanDuel.

This could be attributed to many New York-based fans who are biased towards the team coming into New Jersey to lay down those bets.

Tack on the fact that their Left Wing, Artemi Panarin is ranked in fourth place by handle on players leading in the Hart Trophy Outright Market (MVP) bets and it’s clear that money continues to flow into FanDuel for the Rangers organization.

Presently, New York is on a hot streak having won their last five games and making a new season record. The team won eleven games for the month of February which is a new record in the organization’s history for February.

Previously, they had ten wins as the record for the month in three different seasons.

Rangers Odds Vs. Flyers

The New York Rangers (+140) will face off against the Philadelphia Flyers at 7:00 p.m. EST on Friday airing on the NHL Network from the Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia.

The Flyers are the 1.5-point favorites to win. They have a moneyline set at (-165). Philadelphia has a season record of 36-20, ranking above New York which is why they are favored.

While the Rangers are entering the game as the underdog, they have had a winning streak on the road of nine games so far. They are looking to extend it to ten wins with this match.

Future Line Changes

With the way the Rangers are playing, not even FanDuel can hip check them and that means the sportsbook will surely take a hit themselves at this rate.

The best thing that FanDuel can do now is to change the lines wherever the bets are New York Rangers related, especially for the Stanley Cup (+4000). This way, they’ll be able to soften the blow for payouts should the betting trends continue and the Rangers sustain this level of play.

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