• Fernhill Corporation sees a growth in the US betting market each year.
  • They want to become part of the sports betting world due to its potential revenue.
  • The app that will be created will be like nothing the world has seen.

NEW YORK – The Fernhill Corporation, a development firm that’s business was based solely on energy and power generation development, will now be in the sports betting business. The firm sees extreme market growth in the world of sports wagering and has decided to develop an app of their own. Branching out into an entirely new business has a lot to do with Fernhill’s new CEO Marc Lasky.

After doing some research into the US betting market, Fernhill found that, even conservatively, there was a steady annual growth of 10 billion dollars. With such gigantic profit potential, there was no way the firm could pass up such an opportunity. Lasky is no stranger to the world of sports betting which is why he’s decided to make this his first project as CEO.

“We intend to make a notable dent in this growing multi-billion dollar space,” Lasky said via OTC PR Wire. “I’ve got 25 years of sports handicapping experience behind me positioning us with winning experience with our target demographic.”

Once the Supreme Court repealed PASPA, Lasky knew that he wanted to be a part of this profitable business. At the time, the firm wasn’t in the business of apps, still being focused on energy development. Once the launch of the mobile sports betting app begins bringing in some numbers, Fernhill has plans to create a multitude of apps for various interests. These new developments will now label Fernhill Corporation as an app development firm.

What Will This App Entail?

The development of the app has already begun. Lasky has envisioned an app where fan engagement is key. The format will be set up to be a social spot among members. There will be a section where players can speak with one another as well as leaderboards where members will be allowed to see their names on the app if they’re at the top of the game they’re playing.

While all other apps out there focus on the gaming aspect, Lasky wants to have a dual focus on both the games and the fans.

“Where most companies with gaming apps of this type focus on margins, including fantasy sports apps like ‘Draft’ which was recently acquired for $48m,” continued Lasky. We are focused on building audience/fan engagement to monetize our audience toward multiple streams of revenues while rewarding active users throughout.”

Lasky’s wish is to keep users happy and engaged with this new format. Loyal members will be rewarded periodically. The app is currently being beta-tested before being rolled out for public use. If it’s anything like what Fernhill describes it to be, there will be a new opponent entering the ring of the legal sports betting world vying for the title of the best app on the market and quite possibly receiving it.

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