Georgia is moving forward with attempts to legalize three major forms of gambling including sports betting.

  • The Economic Development Committee in Georgia wants to make gambling legal for its residents.
  • Lawmakers have seen the potential revenue that neighboring states have acquired from these markets and realize the benefits for their own economy.
  • Currently, gambling in most forms is prohibited by law in the state.

ATLANTA – Georgia is looking to legalize three forms of gambling statewide: casino games, horse racing, and sports betting.

The committee known as the Economic Development Committee was created by the Georgia House of Representatives in early 2019 in an effort to help the state’s economic situation. The committee is behind the idea of making gambling legal in Georgia.

“We have the honor to not only grow the economy in this community but also improve the quality of life through business revenues and the local taxes that we drive. That, in turn, gets spent in our community and benefits our citizens,” said Sandra Roose at a committee meeting on the issue.

The committee is doing a statewide tour of meetings to various towns in order to inform them of their proposal of gambling legalization and allow them the chance to speak on the topic.

“You can hardly go to Sunday school without hearing who people are betting on,” said Representative Alan Powell.

It is believed that millions of dollars in tax contributions are being lost by not having legalized gambling. Making these three new markets legal in the state could create potential spikes in tourism, more tax money acquired from these new industries, and more jobs to employ residents in need of work.

Powell has said that healthcare would be a great place for revenue from legal wagers to go.

Lawmakers seem to have a positive view on the subject of gambling becoming legal in the state. They are aware that it’s already taking place among the residents of Georgia. While the sportsbooks are not up and running yet, the closest place for Georgia residents to bet any real money would be in North Carolina.

It is the hope that this tour will not only inform the people but also get a better grasp as to what the residents of the state want.

The state would have them vote on the issue before making these activities legal. If all goes according to plan with the committee’s proposal, Georgia could see the legalization of gambling placed on the November 2020 ballot.

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