Governor Ned Lamont

  • Governor Ned Lamont wants to legalize sports betting in Connecticut in 2021 and work with states like New York and New Jersey to grow the market that much more.
  • Connecticut has enough money saved to squeak by without needing to make enormous cuts to vital areas in the budget but legal CT sportsbook revenue could provide more cushion in the future.
  • With people flocking to the Nutmeg State after the outbreak of COVID-19, housing and other resources will require more money to help the residents of Connecticut get back on their feet.

HARTFORD, Conn. – In the eyes of Governor Ned Lamont, 2021 should be dubbed the year sports betting in Connecticut was finally able to become legal.

The Nutmeg State, like every other state in the nation, has endured huge financial losses from the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. Government officials across the country like Lamont are pushing hard for new outlets of revenue this year and legal sportsbooks have become a blip on their radar as a market that could help ease these financial hardships.

“Sports betting, internet gaming, and legalized marijuana are happening all around us. Let’s not surrender these opportunities to out-of-state markets or even worse, underground markets,” said Lamont on Wednesday during his state-of-the-state address.

With legal sports betting in Connecticut at the forefront of Governor Lamont’s proposal, he also has the idea to make online gambling, and marijuana legal in 2021.

Neighboring states with one or all of these industries have shown how profitable they can be. And although these particular areas of conversation are met with opposition by lawmakers, looking at the statistics of other states will show those that are opposed how these markets can provide substantial dividends with very little repercussions. Lamont is aware of this which is why these markets have made their way into his proposal for legalization this year.

The Next Steps For Connecticut

The Connecticut General Assembly has convened for its 2021 legislative session this week, with adjournment scheduled for June. Within this time, legal sports wagering in Connecticut will be a topic brought to the floor.

With Governor Lamont advocating for the industry, a bill simply needs to pass through the House and Senate for him to be able to sign it into law. This is something that is very much expected to occur, making the legislative process on the issue more of a formality.

DraftKings has partnered with Foxwoods Resort Casino in anticipation of sportsbooks opening in Connecticut. Retail sports betting would be legalized per insiders on the subject but it is unknown whether legal mobile sportsbooks could make their way into the Connecticut market in 2021.

The General Assembly will deal with the details in session but by all accounts, with Governor Lamont’s approval and DraftKings already in the state, it looks like 2021 will certainly be the year of the Connecticut come back with a legal sports betting market and then some.

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