• Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment makes an eSports betting partnership with ESports Entertainment Group to offer P2P betting for fans of Dignitas.
  • The eSports betting will be provided through VIE.gg, an eSports betting provider.
  • VIE.gg also provides certain safety measures such as players having a cap for their betting amounts.

TRENTON, N.J. – Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) has made a partnership with ESports Entertainment Group to provide P2P eSports betting for fans of the eSports team Dignitas. The partnership is a multi-year deal. HBSE owns the Philadelphia 76ers, Crystal Palace F.C., the New Jersey Devils, and the Prudential Center. The company is majority owned by Josh Harris and David Blitzer, who spearheads an investor group.

The eSports betting will be provided by eSports betting provider VIE.gg, and bettors will be able to bet on the consistent performing eSports team Dignitas. The team has been playing at a high-level since 2003.

VIE.gg is set to change eSports betting for the better with how they operate. The betting provider offers some safety nets before the actual betting process even begins so there will be a safe environment for eSports bettors. The majority of states who have legalized sports gambling have done so by earmarking a portion of the states gambling profits in order to be used to fund solutions and treatment for problem gamblers. One safety measure to prevent an eSports gambler betting more money than they can afford is a cap off of betting amounts. The player betting on Dignitas will have to set their highest bet amount upon registration with VIE.gg along with nearly a month delay if bettors decide to raise their max bet amount. Grant Johnson, the ESports Entertainment Group CEO, echoed his beliefs on player safety.

“I am very proud of this new partnership with Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment and their Dignitas eSports brand, which is founded in our shared common beliefs of player safety above all else,” said, Johnson. “I look forward to sharing our incredible product with Dignitas’ highly engaged fan base over the next three years and beyond. For ESports Entertainment Group, a partnership of this caliber is a significant milestone for our shareholders and tremendous validation of both our P2P eSports wagering model and future plans within the eSports world.”

Provisions for gambling addiction help has been included in the majority of legal sports gambling laws in the United States so far. ESports betting is relatively new, but is setting an example for problem gambling help in their sphere of the gaming world.

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