• IMG Arena will help distribute data to sports betting operators.
  • Both IMG Arena and the PGA Tour have been partners since 2018.
  • Data collection happens through PGA Tour ShotLink.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – IMG Arena has expanded and extended their partnership with the PGA Tour in a multi-year deal.

As part of the expansion, IMG Arena will be the official distributor of PGA Tour data. The data collected will then be given to various US sports betting operators. That data will then turn into odds for sports bettors to wager on.

The data collected will be from the PGA Tour’s ShotLink data. ShotLink collects golfing data in a number of different ways. There around 350 different volunteers at any given golfing event collecting data. They will then report the data to ShotLink officials. That is not the only way data is going to be collected.

On top of the walking volunteers collecting scores, there are also lasers and cameras keeping track as well. With all this combined, ShotLink is able to collect the most accurate data possible. When it comes to legal sports betting, having the most accurate data possible is essential. Any small variance could mean winning or losing a bet. It is also essential for the growth of the PGA Tour.

“The PGA Tour remains focused on safeguarding the sport, growing the game and deepening fan engagement with next-generation solutions,” said Ron Price of the PGA Tour.

What this means for sports bettors is that the odds displayed will be more accurate than ever. Having more accurate odds will make betting on golf more engaging. The new data distribution product is anticipated to be ready early next year, per PGA Tour staff.

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