San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers

  • The Green Bay Packers to win 27-17 has the shortest odds at +9000.
  • Packers 20 – San Francisco 49ers 17 has +10000 odds.
  • A 27-20 final score in favor of Green Bay has +15000 odds.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers are set to meet in the playoffs. Odds are out o predict the exact score of the game.

Exact Score Odds

Predicting a team to win by a certain number of points is difficult, but predicting the exact result down to the point seems nearly impossible. That’s why legal sports betting sites have given such long odds on some of the more common scores.

Exact Score Odds

  • Packers 27 – 49ers 17 +9000
  • Packers 20 – 49ers 17 +10000
  • Packers 27 – 49ers 20 +15000

The reason for these numbers being noteworthy varies for each. The first option has the shortest odds of all of the available options. The second is the most common outcome of all time as it has been the result 273 times in the NFL. Finally, taking the spread and total into account, the third option is what the expected outcome would be.

Is It Even Possible To Predict?

It may not be possible to actually handicap the exact result, but obviously some results can be thought of as safer than others. Using some of the more common results such as 20-17 or 27-24 is going to give a bettor a higher chance to hit than going for a 45-41 final or something more outlandish.

Those betting on the NFL should note that despite 273 occurrences of 20-17 being the most of all-time, there are also 256 different outcomes that have happened just once. When getting ready to submit a ticket, remember the most common result is almost as likely as a completely unique result. The long odds might be intriguing, but don’t fall for the trap

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