It appears that Augusta National Golf Course is preparing for sports betting.

  • Tiger Woods won the 2019 Master’s Tournament by one stroke.
  • The annual Masters Tournament will be April 9-12th, 2020.
  • Around 57% of voters in Georgia would support legalized sports betting in the state.

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Masters Tournament is one of the most prestigious tournaments on the PGA Tour. The tournament is at the world-renown Augusta National Golf Course which has been home to some of the sport’s most iconic moments.

However, residents in the state of Georgia are not allowed to bet on sports, but the state is slowly progressing towards legalizing sports gambling. Golf is a popular sport to bet on worldwide, which is why the Augusta National Golf Club might be preparing for sports betting.

The club has started to construct a digital compound that will display every player’s shot as close to real-time as possible on the course. This move is expected to help generate more social media engagement for the sport while also giving bettors the opportunity to place prop bets during live betting action.

In a recent poll by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 57% of residents in the state said they would approve of sports gambling in the state. Furthermore, 64% of voters said they would support casino gambling in the state.

Georgia has been one of the toughest states regarding gambling because the state doesn’t have one brick-and-mortar casinos.

With the golf course building this digital haven to watch the Masters from every angle, not only is it giving fans a way to watch more than one golfer, but it also puts the course in prime position to capitalize on sports betting. If there is one thing to be learned from the club making these renovations, it’s that they’re slowly preparing for sports betting to be legal in the state.

However, no matter the quickness in Georgia’s legalization of sports betting, this year’s Masters Tournament – starting on April 9 – will surely beat them to the punch.

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