Kasim Reed.

  • Kasim Reed has +100 short odds to be the next Mayor of Atlanta.
  • Reed served as Atlanta Mayor from 2010-2018.
  • Felecia Moore has +210 underdog odds to be elected as Atlanta Mayor.

ATLANTA – Political betting fans have been placing heavy action on the mayoral election in Atlanta following Keisha Lance Bottoms announcing she will not be running for reelection.

This was followed by the announcement from former Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed, who served as the 59th mayor of the Big Peach from 2010 to 2018.

With Reed declaring he will run again, he now has the shortest odds to win at legal sports betting sites as political betting fans expect the city to embrace their former mayor.

Next Elected Atlanta Mayor Odds

  • Kasim Reed +100
  • Felicia Moore +210
  • Mary Norwood +300
  • Jason Carter +1000
  • Sharon Gay +2500
  • Keisha Bottoms +5000
  • Cathy Woolard +6600
  • Steve Koonin +6600
  • Alex Barella +6600

Reed has decided to return to politics due to the rising crime rate in Atlanta. He has been vocal in the media that he wants to fix the violent crime issues in his beloved city.

“I felt like there are things happening in Atlanta that I’d never seen in my life, and I’ve been here all my life. So that’s what caused me to start talking about it,” said Reed. “My mom goes to that Chick-fil-A in Colony Square. She lives in Colony Square. She went to that Chick-fil-A the day they had a robbery in broad daylight,” Reed said. “Maria’s grandmother was robbed while dropping Maria off. I do know how to fix crime, and I do know I could turn our crime environment around in 180 days, and I know that I’ve done it before.”

The fact is that under Reed’s administration, the crime rate was significantly lower. Citizens also voted him in office twice, which shows that there was indeed love for Reed.

Longshot betting fans shouldn’t give up hope, however, as there is a major stain on Reed’s record that could affect his chances during his campaign.

There was a federal investigation against Reed’s administration, resulting in six of his staff members being indicted.

This corruption led to him stepping down after 2018 in the first place, as he may have permanently tarnished his relationships with city contractors and employees. This is why +210 odds on Felicia Moore are appealing to betting fans.

Moore has a long history serving the city of Atlanta as she sat on the city council for more than two decades and is the current city council president, a position she won with 55% of citywide votes.

She, like Reed, is running on a campaign of reducing crime. Unlike Reed who has simply been vocal, however, Moore has specifically been working with police departments in the city and trying to come up with solutions to curb the crime rate.

“The year 2020 is coming to an end; however, efforts to address its outcomes are far from over. The City of Atlanta has witnessed crime at heights unseen in almost 22 years and we must reverse this dynamic immediately,” said Moore. “From the beginning of this term, I have promoted the concept of collaboration along with the free exchange of ideas and suggestions. While I wish the circumstances that brought us here were different, I am eager to collaboratively attack the issue of crime in our city – exceeding the vigor with which crime has attacked us.”

Moore even already has a three-step program for dealing with crime in Atlanta. She wants to search for a permanent police chief, work for ways to retain talented officers, and she wishes to resume municipal and county court operations.

While things are still early in the election phase, political betting fans should be looking to jump on these odds now before they shorten at online sportsbooks. Moore may not have the following that Reed still maintains yet, but things could change as the year progresses.

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