Li Wenwen

  • Li Wenwen has anywhere from -1000 to -2000 odds to win the gold medal in women’s 87kg+ weightlifting.
  • Laurel Hubbard has +550 to +800 odds as the biggest threat to Wenwen.

TOKYOLi Wenwen is listed as a sizable favorite heading into the 2021 Olympics in the 87kg and up weightlifting event. Her biggest threat, according to the odds, is Laurel Hubbard who became the first openly transgender athlete to qualify for the Olympics.

Can Li Wenwen Be Beaten?

Li Wenwen, in short, is well-deserving of being the favorite in the competition. Wenwen holds the world record in the snatch, clean, jerk and total in the 87kg weight class.

She won gold in the 2019 World Championships as well as in both the 2019 and 2020 Asian Championships. At just 21-years-old, legal betting sites already have her pegged as the best in the world by a large margin.

However, not all online sportsbooks agree on the exact price of Wenwen and her dominance over the field. In fact, there are some interesting odds on Wenwen to win the gold on different books that range drastically.

Li Wenwen Olympic Weightlifting Odds

  • William Hill -2000
  • DraftKings -1000
  • MyBookie +100

All books have Wenwen as the favorite, but clearly, there are some disagreements in how big of a favorite she should be. Anyone interested in betting on the Olympics should head over to MyBookie if looking to bet on Wenwen.

Is Laurel Hubbard Worthy Of A Bet?

Laurel Hubbard is considered the top competitor with the best chance to dethrone Wenwen but, again, books differ in her offered odds. Regardless, it’s possible that Hubbard is being overvalued.

Hubbard has been the topic of many arguments and debates, but one thing that cannot be debated is the fact that her numbers don’t hold up against Wenwen’s bests.

Wenwen’s personal bests are bounds ahead of what Hubbard has been able to put up. Despite having a newsworthy story, it’s far from likely that Hubbard’s journey ends with a gold medal around her neck.

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