Check out these Bundesliga bets coming up

  • Bovada is offering special prop soccer parlays for Tuesday’s Bundesliga action.
  • These massive parlays include a +5000 for Hoffenheim, Union Berlin, and Monchengladbach to keep a clean sheet.
  • Odds of +4000 are also available for a triple upset to occur.

MUNICH, Germany – Much like the rest of the world, sports bettors have been forced outside of their comfort zone during the quarantine.

While for others that might mean being forced to cook at home more or adjust to a new work-life, for bettors it has been to lack of their favorite sports existing. This means the truly devoted have been forced to branch out into new lands of opportunity.

In today’s case, all eyes are on the Bundesliga, which features four marquee matchups to entertain fans and bettors alike.

Leading online betting platform Bovada is doing its part to help through the pandemic by offering lucrative special parlays on today’s action.

Bundesliga Mid-Week Special Parlays

Borussia Dortmund / Hoffenheim / Union Berlin – All to Score 2 or More Team Goals +800

The first of the batch is a triple-team parlay that requires all three teams involved to score two or more goals.

While Hoffenheim and Union Berlin have a decent chance to reach the mark, Dortmund is set to face off against Bayern Munich today in a match between the league’s top two teams in the table.

While Dortmund remains in good standing in the rankings, they are a very injured side that has not been playing their best football since the return.

Meanwhile, Bayern is on a tear since the restart with Thomas Muller appearing to return to old form.

Hoffenheim / Union Berlin / Borussia Monchengladbach – All to Keep A Clean Sheet +5000

At +5000 at legal sports betting sites, almost any bet this plausible is worth looking into.

While all three of these teams are facing stark competition, the beautiful game can lead to unspectacular results in unexpected situations.

In order to have all teams keep their opponents to zero, there would need to be three goalkeepers who have exceptional matches, all in a row. Nothing that hasn’t been done before, but nothing one would expect.

Still, if a soccer bettor is a fan of teams NOT scoring and want to cheer on some hard-knock defensive soccer, then this is the perfect parlay for them.

The first of the matches begin at 12:30 p.m. EST and filter into the afternoon as well.

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